Study Partners

Study Partner Program

Optimize your strategies for success with study partners who are here to provide you with tips for studying.

The Study Partner Program provides assistance for students who want to develop their study and test-taking habits and abilities, or who cannot find campus-provided course-specific support.

Before requesting a study partner, please check with your professor for tutoring opportunities built into the structure of your course, and check our Campus-wide Tutoring page to see if a tutor for your discipline or course is available.

What do study partners do?

Study partners provide strategies and tips for studying in various disciplines, including:

  • how to read texts using SQ3R and other strategies
  • how to take notes using Cornell Note-Taking and other methods
  • how to develop content knowledge through memorization, mnemonic devices, content connections and other activities
  • how to prepare for tests.

Although a study partner may share knowledge of specific disciplines for support and illustration, emphasis is placed on strategies for study and exam preparation.

The program is not a replacement for the Writing CenterTutoring & Math Center or Campus-wide Tutoring, but can be enhanced by work with these areas.

Hours are scheduled weekly after a study partner has been assigned to you.

What is 21C?

Today, learning requires ever-increasing levels of information literacy, reading, writing and mathematical knowledge and skill, as well as a range of strategies for developing content knowledge. 21C (Twenty-First Century Literacy Partners) is a coalition of campus offices and programs that provide students with support for learning beyond the classroom. Coalition members include Campus-wide Tutoringthe Research Centerthe Writing Centerthe Tutoring & Math Center, and the Study Partners Program

Arrows going in a circle showing how the five areas of 21C are interconnected.