Marketing Concentration

Building brands. Identifying target markets. Attracting, retaining and growing a customer base.

In the marketing concentration, you’ll examine the key marketing practices that power business growth. By exploring important issues in advertising and promotion, market research, consumer behavior, and product development, you’ll learn what it takes to incite action — from driving sales results to spurring social change.

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What You’ll Learn

With a marketing concentration, you will:

  • Explore the four P’s of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place
  • Become well-versed in social-media and digital-marketing techniques and strategies.
  • Learn to apply marketing theories and tactics to real-world business challenges.
  • Use analytics — from customer-behavior research to sales statistics — to inform business decisions.
  • Evaluate the channels and messages that are most likely to drive action and deliver measurable results.

Hands-on Learning

Participate in solving companies’ marketing-related challenges via internships at industry-leading firms or by working with local businesses in our Market Research course. You’ll also apply your knowledge by implementing marketing strategies in our Marketing Seminar capstone project. Bonus? Join the Merrimack College student chapter of the American Marketing Association to network with industry professionals at on- and off-campus events, and deepen your marketing and advertising know-how (and résumé!).

Career Options

You’ll have access to a range of creative careers, from product development to global marketing to advertising to public relations. Career paths may include jobs in the following fields:

  • Advertising (including digital and event marketing)
  • Brand management
  • International and global marketing
  • Marketing models and systems analysis
  • Marketing research (including consumer behavior and research)
  • New-product planning
  • Sales management and promotions
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Public relations and publicity

What You’ll Take

Business Requirements

All business administration majors must satisfy the college’s general education requirements and the following business requirements*:

BUS 1100

Introduction to Business

BUS 2203

Accounting for Business

BUS 2205

Principles of Marketing

BUS 2210

Management Information Systems

BUS 2213

Business Statistics

BUS 2215

Managerial Finance

BUS 2220

Operations Management

BUS 4402W

Strategic Analysis and Decision-Making

* ECO 1203 and MTH 1003 or MTH 1115 are prerequisite courses that must be completed by all business administration majors.

Concentration Core (complete all three)

MKT 3300

Marketing Strategy

MKT 4420

Marketing Research

MKT 4980

Marketing Seminar

Concentration Electives (choose two)

MKT 3303

Advertising and Promotion

MKT 3309

Sales Management and Business Marketing

MKT 3315


MKT 3316

Marketing of Services

MKT 3318

Retail Management

MKT 3320

Global Marketing

MKT 3355

Consumer Behavior

MKT 3400

Social Media Marketing

MKT 4900

Special Topics in Marketing

SPM 3005
SPM 3200

Sport Marketing
Sponsorship and Endorsements