The accounting minor is designed to develop knowledge of accounting principles, concepts and applications.

Students taking courses in accounting learn how to apply analytical reasoning skills to both business and accounting problems, including financial-statement analysis. 

Graduates with an accounting minor may pursue additional accounting education to pursue a career as a certified public accountant. Students may also seek advanced degrees in law or business, e.g., Master of Science in Management. 

Course Requirements

 The accounting minor requires a student complete a minimum of 20 credits.

Required Courses (complete all)

BUS 1100 Introduction to Business
BUS 2203 Accounting for Business
ACC 3303 Intermediate Accounting I

Elective Courses (choose two)

ACC 3304 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 3308 Cost Accounting
ACC 4406 Advanced Accounting
ACC 4407 Taxes
ACC 4408  Auditing

Career Combination

Students who major in economics or math and minor in accounting will have a great foundation for a career in accounting. Individuals with an accounting background may seek employment in accounting departments, personal financial planning, government agencies and a range of education and nonprofit entities.