Create a Modern Academic Enterprise With Innovative Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

We will provide our students with a unique and comprehensive educational experience that is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, enhanced by the professions, and linked to the Augustinian intellectual tradition of seeking wisdom through knowledge, action and reflection. We will be recognized for our excellence in teaching, scholarship and creative practice. We will expand existing or develop new student-centered signature academic programs that provide Merrimack with a competitive market advantage and allow us to meet emerging needs while addressing urgent global issues. We will encourage and sustain new ways to evaluate and understand ourselves, our community and our impact on society.


Develop a Contemporary Catholic Mission

We seek to be known as a leading contemporary Catholic college in the Augustinian tradition that engages national and global questions by integrating scholarship, worship and action. We will be an institution that embraces the intellectual traditions, spiritual wisdom and social values of Catholicism and provides an environment where all voices can be heard without loss of our Catholic identity. We will actively engage in the Augustinian process of knowing God by knowing ourselves through disciplined and critical self-awareness; by prayer, ritual and worship; and by seeking to bring about peace, justice and sustainability to our world through generous service to others.


Create an Intellectually Vibrant, Socially Engaged, Entrepreneurial Social Experience

Merrimack will provide distinctive out-of-classroom learning opportunities that give students an added perspective about themselves, their interests and the global community. We will foster the intellectual curiosity of our students by increasing the number and variety of opportunities for them to engage in intellectual pursuits and learn outside the classroom. Our peers, students and external stakeholders will identify us as a living-and-learning institution that embraces and supports curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that emphasize intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, professional growth, campus involvement, community service, global citizenship and personal responsibility.


Inspire and Engage Our People, Culture and Community

Merrimack will encourage, sustain and reward our faculty; empower, inspire and challenge our students; support and value our staff; and celebrate the successes of our alumni and friends. We will be a faculty of scholars focused on helping young people develop their powers,
abilities and talents. We will offer opportunities for all members of the Merrimack community to participate in the processes of intellectual inquiry and discovery.


Strengthen Our Value Proposition and Competitive Position

We will achieve academic excellence as a selective, residential, highly ranked, private, comprehensive Catholic college. We will pursue areas of distinction where we can compete, excel and respond to market demand. We will clearly articulate and reinforce our value proposition and the specific characteristics we offer that set us apart from our competitors and make us attractive to our target student market.

Five Strategic Priorities

Developed and adopted by the board of trustees, Merrimack College’s Agenda for Distinction serves as both a strategic plan for the college and the framework for accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. To focus our efforts, the agenda consists of five strategic priorities.