The Collegiate Church of Christ the Teacher and Student Union

The Collegiate Church of Christ the Teacher and Student Union

The Collegiate Church initiative is more than a simple restoration – it is a complete transformation that will honor the past and support our community as we plan for the future.

Merrimack’s Community Center & Gateway

Slated to be completed by fall 2022, the renovated church and student union will serve as the College’s proper gateway and community center. Reflecting the Augustinian ideals of faith, scholarship and community, it will be a place where the Merrimack community can gather to nourish its soul – spiritually, intellectually, culturally, artistically and socially. 

A Place of Worship & Fellowship

Preserving the History
Since 1954, the Collegiate Church has served the spiritual needs of generations of Warriors. The renovation enhancements and updates will honor the space’s rich history and include a stained-glass window from a decommissioned church that depicts the resurrection of Christ and a historic pipe organ from Western Massachusetts that will become the church’s musical centerpiece.

A Place to Worship and Gather
The church will continue to host Merrimack traditions including Mass of the Holy Spirit, Baccalaureate Mass, worship for Mass and Sacraments and weddings. A new altar and moveable seating will allow the Merrimack community to come together for lectures, meetings and symposiums.

Accessibility and Modernization
A significant enhancement is the building’s new entrance, which features a glass-enclosed elevator that provides accessibility to people of all abilities. In addition, updated heating and electrical systems in the church will keep guests comfortable, while maximizing energy efficiency.

A 21st-Century Student Union

A Warm, Welcoming Space
Featuring dark wood paneling, brick walls and carpeted flooring, the renovated lower level will provide a safe, welcoming space for students to socialize and engage with their peers – whether they want to grab a bite to eat at the brand-new café and grill, enjoy online gaming in the e-sports room or bowl a few frames.

Entertainment Abounds
The center will house traditional leisure activities like pool, foosball and table tennis, as well as many exciting new options, including a six-lane bowling alley, a golf simulator and a room dedicated to e-sports. In addition, Merrimack will officially welcome varsity e-sports and bowling in fall 2022.

Enhanced Dining and On-Campus Job Opportunities
A new café and grill with indoor and outdoor seating will enhance campus dining, offering options throughout the day – from smoothies, coffee and breakfast, to late-night pizza and chicken fingers, plus gluten-free and vegan options. The café will also provide more on-campus jobs, as the entire Student Union will be staffed by Merrimack employees and students.

The Initiative to Create a Place for All

Student Union | Naming Opportunities

The Student Union

The Student Union | $2,500,000
The most high-profile opportunity, the Student Union will prominently display the donor’s name on the exterior of the building. Measuring more than 13,000 square feet, the Student Union will feature carpeted flooring, multiple TV screens, pool tables and comfortable seating – giving it a modern, but warm, clubhouse feel.

Bowling Center and Lounge

Bowling Center and Lounge | $750,000

The Student Union will feature a 4,000-sqaure-foot bowling center and lounge that has a combination of high-top and booth seating. The six-lane bowling center will be the home of the new club bowling team as well as top attraction for student activity.

Bowling Lanes

Bowling Lanes | $50,000 per lane

Each of the six lanes are available for naming.

Bowling Team Training Room

Bowling Team Training Room | $50,000
An 250-square foot room, the training room will serve as a meeting space for Merrimack’s future bowling team.



Café /Grill | $500,000

Students will have a new dining option with an all-day fast-casual menu. The café/grill will seat 30 and feature items to suit any dietary preference. It will be open 7 days a week, from breakfast through late night, and students can order with ease using a convenient touch-screen POS system.

Café Patio

Café Patio | $250,000

The café& will feature open-air dining on the patio.



Pavilion | $500,000

Attached to the café patio, this 3,000-square foot trellis-covered area can be used for a variety of events including club meetings and receptions.

I Heart MC Plaza

I Heart MC Plaza | $350,000

A tranquil, stone-paved plaza will contain a three-dimensional, museum quality “I heart MC” sculpture, a well-lit walkway and gorgeous landscaping.

E-Sports Room

E-Sports Room | $200,000
Online gaming has taken the world by storm, and we’re fostering our students’ competitive spirit with a state-of-the-art 950-square foot game room with a dedicated fiberoptic line, 16 to 20 gaming stations, virtual reality games, state-of-the-art gaming consoles and comfortable, supportive seating. This will also serve as a practice and competition space for Merrimack’s future competitive E-sports team.

Golf Simulation Space

Golf Simulation Space | $100,000

In the 360-sqaure foot golf simulation area, students can practice their swing year-round in a high-tech TrackMan Golf simulator. Through radar and camera technology, the simulator transports users to major gold courses all over the world with undeniably realistic readings.

Interactive Timeline 75th Exhibit

Interactive Timeline 75th Exhibit | $50,000

What better way to commemorate Merrimack’s 75-year history than a fun, interactive timeline? Set within the Student Union, students and guests can use a touch-screen kiosk to view wall projections of various highlights of the college’s history.

Donor Wall

Donor Wall | $25,000+

In The Student Union lobby, all donors who have contributed $25,000 or more will be commemorated on this highly visible wall.

The Union Program Endowment Fund

The Union Program Endowment Fund | Unlimited

This is the perfect opportunity for donors who wish to support Merrimack’s continued investment in recreational options for students. These funds will be allocated to support our many programs affiliated with the Union – buying new jerseys, maintaining the bowling alley, renewing tech subscriptions, purchasing equipment and more.

The Initiative to Create a Place for All

The Collegiate Church of Christ the Teacher | Naming Opportunities

Grand Hall

Grand Hall | $1,500,000

The main hall of the renovated Collegiate Church combines the classic feel of the original interior with new and innovative touches. Measuring approximately 6,200 square feet and seating hundreds of guests, the hall features vibrant stained-glass windows, a new audiovisual system, a moveable altar, beautiful crosses and a pipe organ. It will serve as a multipurpose space for worship, lectures, concerts, meetings and symposiums. The church’s new elevator ensures that it meets ADA guidelines, making it accessible to all.

New Campus Center Entry/Elevator

New Campus Center Entry/Elevator | $250,000

A primary goal of the renovation is to make students and guests feel truly welcomed on our campus. Our modern and sleek glass entryway to the Collegiate Church, illuminated with LED lights, will create a glowing beacon, lighting the way home.

Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ | $200,000

Arriving on the Merrimack campus from Deerfield, Massachusetts, the beautifully restored pipe organ will serve as the musical focal point of the newly renovated place of worship. 

Audio Visual System

Audio Visual System | $200,000

The hall’s state-of-the-art audio-visual system provides high-quality sound and lighting for all events, and features projector screens, crystal-clear audio and refurbished LEDs, along with new lighting fixtures.

Sanctuary Stained Glass

Sanctuary Stained Glass | $250,000

A stunning 18-by-12 stained-glass window display will decorate the hall, depicting scenes from the life of Christ. The panels are 95 years old and were created from a combination of the church’s original glass and recycled glass from decommissioned churches. 

Station of The Cross

Station of the Cross | $250,000 each

The original Stations of the Cross around the perimeter of the church will be refurbished and presented in a more visually striking way, welcoming all who see them into the church to remember the great love of God shown to us by Christ.


Altar | $50,000

The Hall at the Collegiate Church of Christ the Teacher will feature a new altar with moveable and transformative capabilities, making it the perfect centerpiece for religious ceremonies.

West Entrance “Formal Entry”

West Entrance “Formal Entry” | $100,000

The original front door of the church, the West Entrance will undergo a full restoration to give it more a formal feel – featuring tall wooden doors, inlaid glass, ambient lighting and brand-new flooring.

Building Endowment Fund

Building Endowment Fund | Unlimited

Donor’s contributions will support maintenance, upkeep and utilities, and ensure that the structure maintains its beauty.