William March ’22

William “Will” March ’22

Chicago native Will March ’22 is a ball of energy with a tremendous desire and capacity to help – anyone, at any time and at any place.

William “Will” March ’22

Chicago, IL

Nutritional Sciences

March followed a path to Merrimack because of its Augustinian roots and east coast location. As student government president at Saint Rita of Cascia, an all-male Augustinian high school, he was actively engaged in every aspect of school life. As he looked for colleges, his counselor asked, “What about Merrimack?” Serendipity led to a college fair meeting with assistant director of admission, Lauren Broderick who then guided March’s Merrimack application process.

Even a snow-bound campus visit with “no room at the inn” – quite literally – did not dissuade his growing attraction to the College. Ultimately, the deal was sealed when March was awarded the prestigious Augustinian Scholarship whose recipients embody the values of St. Augustine: truth, unity and love.

At Merrimack, March is a fixture at the O’Brien Center for Career Development. Most days, his is the first face seen upon entering the Center, and he performs his concierge-like duties with enthusiasm and efficiency. It is his current “boss” at the O’Brien Center, Ashley Archangelo, that he says has recently had the biggest impact on his life at Merrimack. He has always been interested in nutrition, wellness and fitness. Archangelo has helped him commit to his major – Nutritional Sciences – and she is a sounding board whenever he has questions about his career ambitions. March intends to become a registered dietician, and his recent work with the Food Recovery Network, a college student movement that fights hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste, gives him a leg up on the future.

So much of Will March’s Merrimack activities grew directly from his high school experiences from his cross country and volleyball interests to his passion for travel, especially in the Spanish-speaking world. A high school exchange trip to Argentina inspired his participation in service-based Merrimack trips to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Just as he guided and led his high school classmates, March has also worked as a devoted resident advisor at Merrimack.

March uses every opportunity to help out and give back to his community because he knows how fortunate he has been and how many people have helped him along the way. When he talks about those who have influenced him at Merrimack, he says, “I just know that they really care about me.” And it’s true; they do.

Will March has embraced every aspect of his Merrimack experience. The opportunities provided to him and his peers are the result of generous investments in the College by alums, parents and friendsYou, too, can support remarkable student opportunities with a gift to The Merrimack Fund.