Clare Bowen

Clare Bowen

Biochemistry, 2025

Biochemistry Major Is Well Integrated Into Campus

Clare Bowen is a current junior at Merrimack College with a major in biochemistry. One could say that the passion Clare feels for the Merrimack community was felt the first time she stepped onto campus. “I came to every open house, admitted student day, and even visited campus on my way back from other college tours. Every visit to Merrimack solidified my desire to spend my four years here. The sense of community, tight-knit campus, and faculty is what further drew me in.”

A unique part of Merrimack College’s curriculum for any science major is the ability to work in the lab right away. “Merrimack, for me, was special especially for academics where labs were hands-on. This is something I did not see at other schools, and it made me excited and confident about the skills I would learn here at Merrimack.” The faculty at Merrimack like to integrate our students into the laboratory quicker than other colleges do.

“I first chose Merrimack from the initial feeling I got when I stepped on campus. After my first tour, I knew this is where I wanted to end up.”

Bowen is an ambitious warrior, both in the classroom and across campus. Clare belongs to a multitude of extracurricular activities and groups. “At Merrimack College, I have immersed myself in many different student organizations. In this past year, I have become an RA, an admissions ambassador, a wellness peer educator, a peer tutor for Chemistry and Math, as well as playing club soccer.”

Another important aspect to the Merrimack College experience is the ability for our students to develop close relationships with our faculty and staff. “One important lesson a faculty member has taught me is to be proactive. They taught me to create a situation I want to be in, rather than reacting to one after it happens. Being proactive has allowed me to take control of my own learning, motivated me to make the most out of all my classes, and take steps to get ahead. This lesson has made me not afraid to ask for help, where in the past I have seen it as a weakness.”