Taylor Khoury

Taylor Khoury

Exercise Science, Class of 2024

Exercise Science & Psychology Background Help Senior Soar

Taylor Khoury is a current senior at Merrimack College majoring in exercise science. His experiences in and out of the classroom has given him confidence to move forward in his journey towards becoming a strength & conditioning coach at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. Taylor initially interned at Mike Boyle during his junior year, and began working part-time once his internship ended. “I Interned at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in both Middleton and Woburn, Massachusetts, where I was responsible for assisting and leading training sessions for middle school, high school, collegiate, professional, and adult clients.”

“I chose Merrimack because of their exercise science program, class size, and campus. I felt that Merrimack’s exercise science program would prepare me to pursue a career within strength and conditioning.”

Merrimack’s class size allows for genuine connections with your professors, which helped me do well in the classroom.”

Khoury especially appreciated what he learned with Dr. Brenda Zwickau. “Dr. Zwickau, my organic chemistry professor, taught me how to be successful when learning a challenging subject. Dr. Zwickau has undoubtedly been the professor that has had the most positive impact on me as a college student.”