Post-Graduate Service Opportunities

Post-Graduate Service Opportunities

There are a number of service opportunities available to you upon your graduation from Merrimack College. 

If you’re thinking about next steps after Merrimack, and are interested in full-time service programs, the Catholic Volunteer Network is a great place to start. Here you can find 185+ faith-based programs that focus on a range of different justice issues.

Interested in service or community engagement with a secular framework? Check out AmeriCorps or PeaceCorps for more ideas and FAQs.

Benefits of Service Programs

A post-graduate service program may provide you with:

  • Housing, healthcare, a living stipend, loan deferment, and (in some cases) money towards student loans
  • Experience of living in community with other full-time volunteers, providing a transition between the social world of a college campus and the world beyond
  • Great work experience equal to many paid positions in areas such as teaching, environmental justice and work with indigenous populations, work with children, healthcare and mental health, racial justice and more. 

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If you have questions or want help with discerning what may be right for you, contact Campus Minister Rileigh Armstrong at