Living Learning Communities

Living-learning communities are intentional living arrangements in which residents share common goals, engage in a common academic program and participate in experiential learning.

Two such communities are geared toward students in the School of Education and Social Policy.

Women in STEM
The Women in STEM living-learning community is a place for first-year female students majoring in science, math and engineering to connect, explore and share their interest and enthusiasm for science and technology. By building a community of peers, the students can support each other academically and socially. The program has a service component in which members serve as group leaders and mentors for after-school girls science program in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Global Leadership in Action
The Global Leadership in Action living-learning community is open to first-year residential students in the School of Education and Social Policy. Students learn about critical global problems and engage in service projects to address these issues in the community. Residents develop their leadership skills through common course work, group activities and trips, service projects and experiential learning.