New Vision and Practice

The complexities of our current society call for a new vision and a new practice in the preparation of individuals committed to the education, empowerment and transformation of our public commons.

Merrimack’s Winston School of Education and Social Policy provides the opportunity to learn about, collaborate with and impact PreK-12 schools, colleges and communities through dynamic and focused programs that link theory to practice, excellence to impact, and classrooms with communities.

Ultimately, we believe that education, broadly conceived and authentically enacted, is a transformative practice that changes ourselves and the world around us.

The school’s undergraduate criminology and criminal justice programs help prepare students to think critically about, and engage thoughtfully with, the legal system and issues of crime, social policies and systems of punishment and social control.

The program recognizes the complex relationship between society and its members and thus focuses on how broader sociocultural, political-economic and historical forces influence the lives of individuals, families and communities.