Orientation FAQs

See below for some of the most common questions we’re asked about Orientation. And if you have any additional questions, contact our team at orientation@merrimack.edu.

June Orientation

What if I can’t attend one of the Orientation sessions?

If you are unable to attend the posted sessions please fill out the Orientation Registration form indicating that you are unable to attend. The Orientation office will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

Do commuters have to attend orientation?

Yes! Merrimack College New Student Orientation is for ALL new students for the fall. Orientation is mandatory for incoming students.

Is Orientation mandatory?

Orientation is your official welcome to college and is a time when you will learn more about your transition to Merrimack and important information to get you started on the right foot. June and August Orientation is required for all new to Merrimack students which includes commuter students. Each student is required to attend one June session and the entire August session which begins on Move In day in August and goes until the first day of classes. Exceptions may be made in cases of extreme hardship or emergency. Please contact us at 978-837-5175 or by email at orientation@merrimack.edu if you are unable to attend Orientation.

How far is Merrimack from Logan Airport?

It is approximately 30 miles from Logan Airport to campus. If you are using public transportation, the closest MBTA station is Andover Commuter Rail. For students traveling solo, Merrimack offers transportation between Logan Airport to campus. Email orientation@merrimack.edu for more information.

What should I bring for Summer Orientation?

We encourage everyone to bring their excitement for being here at Merrimack!

Overnight Students should bring the following:

  • Comfortable clothing and footwear
  • Layers – this is New England! We recommend windbreakers and rain coats as well
  • Something for notes - pen and paper or your cell phone
  • Your driver’s license, passport, or other form of photo ID
  • Any health forms you still need to turn in
    (email Hamel Health with questions)
  • A pillow and either sheets and a blanket or a sleeping bag.
  • Shower sandals, towel, and toiletries
  • Phone charger
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle

Single Day Students should bring any forms they need to drop off on campus.

Is there a fee to attend Orientation?

Merrimack College Orientation is free to students! Unlike many other institutions, there is no fee to attend any of our Orientation sessions or programs.

How will I know where to go throughout Orientation?

Each incoming student will be assigned to an Orientation group that is led by Orientation Leaders. They are upperclassmen students who are here to answer your questions and help you throughout your Orientation experience. The Orientation Leaders will make sure you know where are going and how to contact them. The website will also serve as a resource for students throughout Orientation. If you have questions, you can always contact orientation@merrimack.edu.

I’m in Honors/Nursing/Austin Scholars/etc. Do I attend a specific Orientation?

Attend whichever session works for you! The same information and group programs will be covered!

Can I attend Orientation if I haven’t uploaded my health forms and vaccination records?

Prior to your Orientation session, students should submit proof of full COVID-19 vaccination via your Patient Portal https://merrimack.medicatconnect.com/ or emailed to hamelhealthcenter@merrimack.edu. Unvaccinated guests must wear face coverings inside and outside while on campus.

For the rest of your health forms and vaccination records, yes - you can still attend Orientation while you finish these. You can also bring documents with you to Orientation. Specific to your most recent physical examination, this can be from appointments in 2020, 2021 or 2022. Upload or email Hamel Health Center what you have and our medical professionals will follow up if additional documentation is required.

What time do the Orientation sessions start and end?

For single day sessions Orientation check in begins at 8:30 a.m. and the sessions conclude at 5:30 p.m. For overnight sessions Orientation check in begins at 8:30 a.m. on day 1 and the sessions conclude around 3:00 p.m. on day 2. Schedules for all programs will be posted in the coming weeks.

How do I change my Orientation session?

To change your session, you are able to resubmit your registration form on the new date. If you have issues with resubmitting the form please contact orientation@merrimack.edu.

What is the difference between June/Summer Orientation and Fall Orientation?

June orientation is your initial opportunity to connect with fellow students and begin your transition to Merrimack. Fall Orientation further expands on what you will experience in June and provides additional information relevant to your success at Merrimack. The sessions provide different opportunities and material which together lay your foundation for your experience.

I might need accomodations for Orientation. Who should I contact?

If you have concerns about accessibility and Orientation, please contact Accessibility Services at 978-837-5722 or accessibilityservices@merrimack.edu.

Where do I park for Orientation?

Cars are allowed on campus and no decal is required. Students will be guided to park in Lot H when they arrive for their Orientation session.

I’m staying overnight. Will I have a roommate?

Yes! When arriving on campus, you will be assigned a double room with a classmate. If there is someone you would like to room with, simply check in together or let our team know at check in, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have questions, contact orientation@merrimack.edu.

Family Orientation

Are there sessions for parents, family or guardians during Summer Orientation?

Family Orientation is a single day session which begins with the students in the morning and goes until 5:00 p.m. on that first day. Parents do not have sessions on the second day but are welcome to visit offices around campus, go to the bookstore or do any other business they might be interested in on that second day. Students can sign up their guests with their Orientation registration on MyMack.

Is Orientation required for parents, families and guardians to attend?

No, the family program is not required. However, we encourage family members and guests to participate in the program to help your student with their transition to college! Orientation is your opportunity to meet other new Warrior families, ask any questions you may have, and become better acquainted with the Merrimack community.

What overnight accommodations should parents make?

Here is a list of hotels in the area with special Merrimack rates. There are no on-campus accommodations for family members.