A Warrior’s Impact: Student Leaders Strengthen Their Impact on Campus

Over 200 student leaders arrived early to campus this year to participate in Merrimack’s second annual Warrior’s Impact training on August 18-23.
Photo of a Merrimack Student walking past a sign that reads, "We Are One."
The Warrior’s Impact program offers students seminars on communication and conflict management, diversity, equity and inclusion, SafeZone trainings, mental health and self-care seminars.

The Warrior’s Impact program, held in collaboration with several offices across campus, aims to further develop students’ leadership skills and better prepare them for their positions in the Merrimack Community. A robust curriculum covered a variety of professional development and personal growth topics designed to equip student leaders with the tools necessary to their roles.

Seminars included communication and conflict management, diversity, equity and inclusion, SafeZone trainings, mental health and self-care seminars. Both undergraduate and graduate student leaders participated in this valuable experience.

“The Warrior’s Impact helped me learn how to cope, address and deal with uncomfortable situations that I otherwise would struggle to handle on my own,” said Thavary Hay ’24, first year experience mentor. “As a student leader, anything can be thrown our way, so this really supported me in how to navigate this position and I can apply it to my other leadership positions as well. It has also helped to remind myself that I need to make sure to take care of myself so that I can then be the best student leader I can be.”

Christy Valentin ’24, a graduate fellow for the Pioneer Scholars Program, said there was a lot of valuable information shared during this year’s Warrior’s Impact.

“I learned about what resources were on campus, who to contact and where I could find them, which will be so helpful since I will be working directly with students advocating for them, directing them to specific resources and collaborating with different campus partners to create workshops,” she recalled.

Valentin especially emphasized how Warrior’s Impact helped her understand the Merrimack culture and community.

“As a graduate student, I really wanted to learn more about the culture and community before the year started so I can best integrate my students and myself more effectively,” she continued. “Warrior’s Impact did exactly that and got me connected with many student leaders, staff and faculty.”

After the conclusion of Warrior’s Impact, these student leaders helped to welcome 1,100 new students to campus during orientation. These student leaders will continue to make a positive impact on campus this academic year through their various leadership positions.


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