Door to Door Delivery – A Labor of Love from MCHonors

Alyssa Casey, a junior studying corporate finance and investments and marketing, and current Honors Student, created a business to give back to her community right from her front door.
Alyssa Casey ’21

Alyssa Casey, a junior studying corporate finance and investments and marketing, and current Honors Student, created a business to give back to her community right from her front door. Casey created an online shopping network that connects families in her community to her team of shoppers. When a family needs groceries, but can’t safely make it to the store, Casey’s business, Door to Door Delivery, fills in the gap!

In creating the business, Casey said:

“Honestly, I had become super bored, and with my ACL tear it’s not like I had been able to work out a ton. I was going stir crazy and my family could tell. My dad suggested a couple things to do, and one of them was “hey you could always go to the grocery store for us”. So I did. Then I started going for other people. I ended up posting on Facebook advertising what I was doing and that’s when it really started to blow up. My schedule for the week was being filled in a matter of minutes, so that’s when I turned to others for help. I ended up hiring one of my mom’s friends, Gail, and then from there, others began reaching out for an opportunity to work. I have a high school friend working, a couple Market Basket employees, a couple moms. I am so fortunate to be working with the people that I am. They all have a tremendous work ethic, pay close attention to detail, and are very communicative to not only me, but all of their clients as well! I am so grateful for such a trustworthy team!”

Part of her team also includes fellow Honors Students, Allison and Olivia Beauchesne. When The Northview spoke with the Beauchesne sisters about their work with Door to Door Delivery, here’s what they said:

“How it works is each employee puts their availability in week by week, and on Saturday a schedule gets sent out to clients so they can sign up for a spot to receive their groceries. Once spots are taken, clients get sent another email with a form to fill out their information and grocery list. We take those lists and go shopping for them during their reserved time, and we text or call them throughout the trip to ensure they are getting what they asked for.”  -Olivia Beauchesne

“It has been awesome to have some type of income during this crazy time, but what I love about Door to Door Delivery is being able to help people that can’t go to the store themselves for multiple reasons. All of the customers have been very appreciative of the work that we are doing with the business, and as long as this pandemic is going on, I’m looking forward to helping as many people as I can!”  -Allison Beauchesne

Door To Door has seen approximately $175,000 in groceries (or cost of goods sold), a total of 750 orders, with each order averaging $221.57. Needless to say, the demand remains high, and as long as the community needs them, Merrimack Honors Students will continue to answer the call.

When asked what she’d like to say to her Merrimack Community, Casey said:

“I thank everyone for the support, motivation, and encouragement to put myself out there to start something like this, especially my family. Two people I would like to specifically think would be Professor Stasio along with Professor Papazian. The both of them have been huge contributing factors in the student that I am today. I can guarantee that if I was never taught by them, I would not be as motivated or capable to keep things organized and run a small business. They are truly special professors that have proven that they are there for me in and out of the classroom. They care for each and every student that steps into their class and it is very apparent. Thank you!”

Alyssa Casey embodies all that Merrimack Honors believes in. Her commitment to her community, service, and leadership makes her stand out, on and off the campus. We look forward to supporting her in whatever she comes up with next!

May 29, 2020  published by Merrimack College Honors Program Northview newsletter


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