Girard Students Network with Alumni in New York City

The trip to NYC provided Marketing and Finance students with a new sense of confidence and a better sense of potential career opportunities. 

Girard School students visited New York City financial firms and met with alumni working in the field during a two-day networking event in late October. The students also gathered with dozens of alumni and their families for a reception in Manhattan, during which college leaders updated graduates on the college’s progress and momentum.

The trip brought Girard School students and Dean Mark Cordano to Goldman Sachs, Allianz Global Investments, ITG, and Bloomberg. They met Merrimack graduates at each firm and got lessons in how the financial sector works and how to begin their careers in finance.

Students were enthusiastic about the trip and the opportunities it provided.

“This experience has opened my eyes to all of the possibilities in New York,” said sophomore Lauren Foley, a marketing major, and talking with alumni “has given me a lot more self-confidence.”

“Meeting (graduates) and listening to their life experience helped me get a better understanding as to how I can achieve my professional goals,” said finance and economics major Brian VanderAkker, a junior.

Senior Cameron Tetrault, who majors in finance and marketing, found himself “motivated and inspired after leaving the city.

“Seeing alumni in extremely successful roles in one of the most prestigious cities in the world really creates a drive inside of me,” he said.

If you’d like to find out more about the experience, talk to one of the students who participated:

– Logan Caswell ’16 – Finance and Marketing

– Christina Donahue ’16 – Finance and Accounting

– Lauren Foley ’18 – Marketing

– Alex Gorgoni ’17 – Finance

– Wesley Hatch ‘ 17 – Finance and Economics

– Sarah May ’16 – Marketing and Finance

– Kate Mermelstein ’16 – Political Science and Finance

– Aimee Sinewitz ’16 – Accounting and Finance

– Kellen Smith ’16 – Finance

– Cameron Tetrault ’16 – Finance and Marketing

– Brian VandenAkker ’17 – Finance and Economics

– Samantha Waskowitz ’17 – Finance and Spanish

To find out more about how to participate in one of our upcoming trips to NYC, contact Business Career Specialist Jessica Crowley at


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