Health Science Students Present Research at Science & Engineering Day

Health Science students, A​shley Wright, Amanda Rossi, and Tayla Fernandez during the Annual Science and Engineering Day poster presentations. 
“Childhood Malnutrition in India”

Ashley Wright, Amanda Rossi, Tayla Fernandez, and Chelsea Amadei from HSC3303 Global Public Health did a project proposal this semester to address the child malnutrition problem in India. After scanning the major global public health crises, they found that malnutrition is a major threat to the health and development of women and children in a lot of low-income countries such as India. They analyzed the direct and indirect causes of malnutrition in India, and came up with a comprehensive intervention program to address this issue. The intervention included educating and empowering women, providing packets of seeds and related agricultural education, and recruiting and training village doctors. They also made education samplers to show how feasible their program is. Although it is a proposal only, they hope one day they have a real-life opportunity to implement their program and change lives for those women and children.