iTEC Wind Turbine Design Competition Winners Announced

The freshmen class of Computer Science, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering students have been working together on the design and fabrication of Wind Turbines this fall, culminating in an end-of-semester competition held on Friday, December 11.

The wind turbine projects have structure, blades, gearing, electrical loads and computer measurement and control.  Each of the 14 teams has created something unique.  

And then they went head-to-head in a design competition!

The competition included elements of Aesthetic Design, Power Generation Capability and a Poster Session. 
Scoring a perfect 10 for looks.  Judges said that team 8, “Trial, No Error” thoughtfully combined practical packaging of the computer and transmission with color and structure that will “change the way people think about wind turbines.”
Poster Session!
Team 4, who liked being called “Anything but Team 4,” scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on their poster presentation.  Posters were judged on how well they attracted the audience into discussion, their technical content and the ability of poster staff to discuss the topics presented. 
Overall Design Challenge Winners!
Two teams tied in overall design challenge scoring this year.  Those poster points help propel “Anything but Team 4” to the top while team 12, the “Windgineers” generated some serious power points to make it to the top.  Congratulations to these teams and all who participated in the project. 
“Anything but Team 4”
Sofia Basauri, Nicholas Maldonado, Abdullah Aljamhour, Jolene Buczala, Zachary Pennace, Samantha Bartush, Ryan Stockwell, Edward Busiek, Drew Vogler.
Timothy Grant, Ernest Owoh, Alexander Bornholdt, Jenna Bocchino, Thomas Kelley, Pedro Del Toro, Brendan O’Neill, Robert Comeau, Faisal Alwardah
Kudos to Prof. Bill Bowhers who has organized the group design project for two consecutive years, and the project assistants and judging team who worked hard and thoughtfully on the various assessment tasks needed for a competition like this:
Michael Stehnach
Sean Krause
Manuel Carerro
Zak Johnson
Paul Mullin
Joshua McCauley
Joanna Gormley
Calvin Joseph
Jacalyn Whitney
Tori Thistle
Christopher Lazarek
David Blache
Peter Morgan
Dr. Cynthia Carlson
Dr. Marc Veletzos
Maureen Sakakeeny


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