Merrimack Bringing Full-Time Comfort Dog to Campus

A full-time comfort dog is joining the Merrimack College Police Department this spring to provide comfort and community engagement to the Merrimack community.

Merrimack will soon welcome its first full-time comfort dog to campus. The black female dog will work alongside the Merrimack College Police Department and aid in stress reduction, promote community engagement and offer comfort in difficult times.

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Merrimack partnered with Hero Pups, a New Hampshire nonprofit that trains shelter pups to become service and support dogs for veterans and first responders. 

The College’s new comfort dog, owned by the police department, will visit the campus in March to finalize her training and meet new friends on campus. She will be working on a number of skills, including obedience and patience. 

Merrimack’s comfort dog will be used in a variety of ways. In addition to encouraging community engagement, she will help calm people and de-escalate situations so police can effectively provide assistance. During investigations, she can help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing communication. Her rigorous training will prepare her for many environmental exposures the typical companion pet would not experience. 

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