Merrimack College’s Radio Station, WMCK, launches new logo

Merrimack College's radio station,WMCK, has officially declared a logo after launching a design competition. Sophomore Michael Giammasi, who is also co-president of WMCK, ended up designing the winning logo which will now be used to represent the radio station.

The logo design competition launched in mid-November to the whole college and resulted in about 35 to 40 entries. Out of these entries, all radio DJs were invited to vote on which logo they felt represented WMCK the best. This narrowed the competition to three logos by Michael Giammasi, Erika Caires, and Anthony Forman. At this point the President’s Office was sent the three logos, and from there President Christopher E. Hopey approved the winning logo.

“Mike’s the president of the radio club, but he got this fair and square,” stated Jacob Turner, assistant professor of communication and advisor of WMCK.

Now that WMCK has its official logo, the station plans on utilizing it to gain more publicity for the station.

“Our goals are getting our name out there and getting listenership across campus because that’s really what you need,” stated Giammasi.

Along with using the new logo on merchandise, posters, and TuneIn, the broadcasting site used by WMCK, they also have some other ideas to increase the radio show’s outreach. These include live promotions, live shows from Main Street inside the Sakowich Center, shows leading up to the spring concert in correlation to the performing artists, and working with other organizations for cross promotion.

This semester WMCK has also increased it’snumber of shows as well as the amount of DJs. More students have signed up to DJ shows this semester and almost double the number of faculty and staff has as well.

People can find out more information about WMCK, including listening to the broadcasts live and the schedule of shows, at




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