Merrimack Hosting Professors from China

Two professors from China arrived at Merrimack this semester as part of an exchange program. Both spent most of the semester observing classes and and will continue through the early part of the spring semester.

“They will be sitting in on classes getting to know faculty and students,” said Sean Condon, vice provost of undergraduate education and faculty affairs. We are continuing our partnership between Merrimack and Hubei Polytechnic Institute.

Hubei is in the center of China, near the Yangtze River.

Both visiting professors are mechanical engineers. Li Ke has been teaching for nearly 20 years and Xiu “Sharon” Yun has been teaching for 13 years.

“We want to know about general education in America,” Xiu said. “We came here to enhance our international teaching ability and promote cooperation between our two universities.”

“The exchange program is part of Merrimack College’s ongoing initiative to build connections with schools around the world,” Condon said. “This just allows us to build meaningful relationships with people and institutes that are spread far and wide across the globe.”

The exchange program is a powerful way to make human connections as Merrimack builds its international partnerships, he said. Merrimack hopes to eventually send professors to observe classes in China.

Merrimack’s Office of the Provost, Admissions Office and School of Science and Engineering have been fostering the partnership with Hubei for several years.

Both Xiu and Li are living off-campus while visiting Merrimack.


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