Merrimack Launches Graduate Program in Accounting

Merrimack College and the Girard School of Business have launched a new graduate program, the Master of Science in Accounting, which is accepting students to begin in fall 2014.

The program is focused on building professional proficiency for accountants who are in the early stages of their career and is designed so that college graduates can obtain the additional semester hours now required for CPA certification (certification now requires 150 hours).

The Master of Science in Accounting program’s core is designed around the topics covered by the CPA exam. The 32-credit curriculum combines a solid foundation in best accounting practices with a complementary set of graduate management courses designed to prepare early career professionals to be effective managers.

According to the United States Department of Labor, it is projected that employment opportunities for accountants and auditors will increase 13 percent from 2012 to 2022.  New graduates are experiencing an unprecedented level of demand from public accounting firms.  In 2012, there was an 18.8 percent increase in accounting graduates hired (Moore).  New graduates from Master’s in Accounting programs represent approximately 90 percent of new CPA firms’ hires.  

Students in Merrimack’s MSA program develop a foundation of both advanced accounting and managerial skills, and may benefit from:

  • flexible schedules that allow you to earn a master’s degree in one year through the full-time program and fewer than two years through the part-time program;
  • convenient evening classes for students who will be working full time or want to pursue paid co-ops and internships for valuable work experience; and
  • a strong network of successful alumni in many fields and positions.