Merrimack One of ‘Most Transformative’ U.S. Colleges

Money Magazine recently gave high marks to Merrimack College as one of the top 10 “Most Transformative Colleges” in the United States, based on student outcomes that far exceed expectations.

Money highlighted institutions that “help students do far better than would be expected, given their academic and economic backgrounds.” The ranking relied on “value-added metrics” such as graduation rates, student-loan repayment rates and future earnings.

“We are proud to have achieved this recognition by helping students in all academic fields, across all five schools at Merrimack,” said Dr. Christopher E. Hopey, President of Merrimack College. “We do all we can to improve our standing with investments in faculty, retention and student life. Our priority has been to create great outcomes – “Making good kids great” has been our unofficial motto.”

Merrimack also ranked 187 out of over 700 institutions in Money’s overall college rankings — a leap from 331 a year ago.

Merrimack was named one of the 2019 Best Regional Colleges by The Princeton Review and one of the 2018 Best Colleges for Your Money by Money. U.S. News & World Report ranked Merrimack 56 out of 187 for the Best Regional Universities/North and Forbes labeled it one of the 2017 Top Colleges.