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Merrimack—Pfizer Corporate Partnership Launches

Through the stewardship of board member Jack Pasini, Merrimack has formalized a long-term partnership with Pfizer that enables Merrimack students to augment their education by working alongside world-class scientists who are developing innovative, cutting edge solutions to today's problems.

This partnership serves as a successful model for future collaborations— and contributes to the school’s goal of developing distinctive learning opportunities for all students.

This year, Heather Hook ’14 and Gabby Angelini ’14, have been selected to participate in the fellowship program at Pfizer. There, they will work on projects that focus on engineering cells to create purified proteins for therapeutic purposes.

“Investing in academic and experiential learning opportunities is crucial to expanding enrollments and creating signature learning experiences for our students. This new corporate partnership between Merrimack College and Pfizer helps advance this long-range priority,” says Christopher Hopey, Ph.D., President of Merrimack College. “Merrimack College is fortunate to have an active board member like Jack Pasini who, like all of our board members, is focused on our overarching goal: to secure the brightest future possible for Merrimack and its students.”