Merrimack President Christopher E. Hopey opens new WMCK radio station

College officials welcomed Merrimack's new Internet-based radio station Monday as it went on-air for the first time.

The station can be heard through An app for the site is being developed.

President Christopher E. Hopey, who once worked at a radio station, welcomed the new station and challenged students to develop the station’s identity.

“I think, ultimately, we want our students to create experiences that really change them, give them an opportunity to develop and explore ideas and the idea of discovery,” Hopey said. “The most fascinating thing about a radio station isn’t just the music but the people you bring in to interview.”

The station is a student-driven operation, said School of Liberal Arts Dean Kathleen Tiemann. Lindsy Goldberg ’15 worked with student advisor associate professor Jake Turner to write a proposal that Tiemann approved.

“It took the support of many people to make it a reality,” Tiemann said. “President Hopey, the Student Government Association, Felipe Schwartz, Kevin Salemme , the talented people associated with Facilities, and the Merrimack students who expressed their interest in online radio came together to make this happen.”