New Album Release, Telltale Crossings’ Door Ajar

VPA Instructor Cristi Catt's music group Telltale Crossing has released its debut album Door Ajar on all major music streaming platforms.

Telltale Crossing’s new album Door Ajar joins vocalist Cristi Catt and Daniela Tošić with percussionist Taki Masuko, banjo master Richie Stearns, multi-instrumentalist Peter Dodge, and bassist Corey DiMario to create an exciting eclectic sound.

Visual and Performing Arts own Voice Instructor, Cristi Catt, has research interests that include medieval Galician-Portuguese Cantigas de Amigo, or women’s love songs, which are featured on the album, along with Sephardi and Hebrew ballads and a new arrangement of Gabriel Faure’s “Les Berceaux.”

Some students may be familiar with Telltale Crossing’s sound from when they performed at Merrimack in 2017 as part of the Atrium series. Their debut Door Ajar, is now on all major music streaming platforms.

Visit Telltale Crossing Website


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