Sugar is a Time(ly) Topic for Professor of Health Sciences

Merrimack College assistant professor of nutrition Juliana Cohen, of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, was a featured expert in the recent Time magazine article exploring whether sugar is as bad for children as it is for adults.

The Time magazine story can be found online at 

Cohen’s message is that it is important to be thoughtful about the sugar intake for children. “It’s OK to eat sugar but we need to be careful about moderation,” she said when talking about the article.

Cohen’s research encompasses pediatric nutrition; child and adolescent health development; and nutrition policies. Specifically, it includes finding innovative strategies encouraging students to eat healthier school foods; the impact of school-based nutrition policies on the consumption of alternative food such as vending machines and a la carte snacks; and the association between diet and cognitive functioning. 

Cohen is a frequent source for major media outlets across the country, including the New York Times and The Boston Globe.