The Sun Shines on the Incoming Class of 2016

The largest freshman class in recent history arrived on the Merrimack campus greeted by Residence Life staff, orientation leaders, the Merrimack community and brilliant sunshine.  With many new friends around to lend a helping hand, the Class of 2016 has already begun the academic year in good form.

New students moving into Deegan East and West had a designated time slot to move in from 8am to 11am, while new students in Ash moved in later, from 11am to 2pm.  As cars entered the campus, they were directed into a queue to wait their turn to enter the quad.  Six cars at a time were steered in front of Deegan East as well as Deegan West and parked while throngs of orientation leaders and Residence Life staff are at the ready to quickly and efficiently unpack cars to accommodate the next wave.  By the time parents’ parked their cars and walked back, their child’s belongings are already brought up to their rooms. 

“By the time we parked our car, everything was already up in my room!” said Devon Tarca, class of 2016, with surprise.  “Everything was really organized.”   

Parent’s minds were quickly put at ease by the efficient process throughout the morning.  “It was awesome…really awesome.  We didn’t even have to move much of anything!” said John Lyons, father of student Zac Lyons as they were moving into Deegan East.  John and fellow dad Patrick Frazier were just trying to stay out of the way by chatting in the hall while Zac and new roommate Patrick Frazier, Jr. unpacked.  The dads’ excuse? “It’s just too hot in there!” 

“My daughter said she needed some space.  She told me to get out of there!” said John Hale jokingly, father of Brittney Hale, new student in Deegan West.  This was Mr. Hale’s second time at this, as his older daughter has already completed college.

The smooth move-in experience for freshman was all thanks to the 88 orientation leaders, the Residence Life staff, members of various sports teams, members of the Merrimack College community as well as many other staff members including Assistant Dean of Campus Life, Allison Gill.


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