Tolle Lege Reception to Celebrate Merrimack’s Authors and Editors

McQuade Library will host its 16th annual Tolle Lege Reception Feb. 7 at 4 p.m. in the Writers House, to celebrate the faculty, staff, students and alumni who published scholarly works in journals, books and online publications during the past year.

There are about 81 authors who published in the past year. Library Director Kathryn Geoffrion-Scannell said there may be more works of which she and her staff haven’t been made aware and would welcome the information.

The new works are being included in the library’s Tolle Lege Collection on the second floor at McQuade.

The Tolle Lege Collection was started by now-retired director Barbara Lachance and the Rev. Jim Wenzel, OSA, to acknowledge Merrimack College’s community of authors, co-authors, and editors, Geoffrion-Scannell said.

“The Tolle Lege Reception is our big annual party,” Geoffrion-Scannell said.

This year’s guest speakers will include Provost Allan Weatherwax, Management Department associate professor Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello, McQuade Library Head of Instruction and Outreach Lyena Chavez, Health Sciences School assistant professor Juliana Cohen, Physics Department assistant professor Christopher Duston, Chair of the Criminology Department professor Karen Hayden, and Sociology Department assistant professor Daniel Herda.

“We like to have representation from each school,” Geoffrion-Scannell said. “It’s always great because people are speaking about things they love to talk about. They are engaging and I learn something every year.”

Tolle Lege is a reference to St. Augustine, who heard a voice telling him to “tolle lege,” meaning “pick up and read;” he started reading the Bible which led to his conversion to Christianity.

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