Weatherwax, Catholic deans support Francis on environment

Allan Weatherwax, Ph.D., dean of the School of Science and Engineering, joined peers from Catholic colleges and universities across the country in a column for “U.S. News & World Report” that supports Pope Francis' encyclical on protecting the earth.

“Laudato Si” calls for all men and women, no matter their religion, to preserve the environment.

Many science and engineering schools have already taken significant strides toward implementing environmentally friendly practices and supporting charitable public service projects but there is still more to do, according to the op-ed.

“His (encyclical) certainly presents the science and engineering community with a challenge,” Weatherwax said. “It is also an opportunity, especially as one considers the broader role of STEM education in an interdependent and connected world.”

The op-ed was authored by Gary Gabriele of Villanova University’s College of Engineering, with input and suggestions from all 22 members of the Engineering Deans of Catholic Colleges and Universities, including Weatherwax and deans from such schools as University of Notre Dame, Catholic University of America, Loyola Marymount University, and Marquette University.

The Engineering Deans of Catholic Colleges and Universities meets annually to discuss issues, challenges and trends unique to education in Catholic institutions, Weatherwax said.

“We also use our collective voice to publicly address matters that impact engineering education, or matters in which engineering education may have an impact.

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