Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our program and how it can help get you career-ready with an in-depth understanding of your future industry.

What is Warriors at Work?

Warriors at Work provides undergraduate students with co-op and internship opportunities to prepare you for professional life after college. 

Our program establishes a four-year roadmap designed with activities that progressively build over four years, fostering your professional development from one year to the next.

In addition to a guaranteed internship or co-op, additional program components include:

  • Career advisor
  • Industry mentor
  • StrengthsFinder® assessment
  • Small group site visits to companies and organizations
  • Exclusive Professional Development Retreat
  • Externship/Shadowing
  • Workshops such as etiquette dinner, money savvy series, optimizing your career, and more

Warriors at Work draws upon the programming and resources available to all students, including:

  • school specific career advisors
  • support and networking opportunities 
  • peer and alumni mentoring

What are the benefits of Warriors at Work?

  • Guaranteed co-op or internship experience upon successful completion of program requirements
  • Industry mentor, academic advisor and career advisor
  • Exclusive access to alumni in chosen field of study
  • Opportunities to collaborate with students across disciplines
  • Exclusive professional development opportunities

Warriors at Work provides accountability and an added safety net of career support to ensure you’re ready for your internship or co-op.

Who can participate in Warriors at Work?

All Merrimack undergraduate students are welcome to participate in the Warriors at Work program. 

We do market to specific majors. You will automatically be enrolled in the program if you major in the following areas:

Class of 2022

  • accounting
  • civil engineering
  • communication and media
  • criminology and criminal justice

Class of 2023

  • accounting
  • civil engineering
  • communication and media
  • computer engineering
  • criminology and criminal justice
  • electrical engineering
  • graphic design
  • mechanical engineering 

How big a commitment is Warriors at Work?

Programming for Warriors at Work is designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of your future industry and prepare you to succeed in that field. While it is required that you attend all scheduled workshops and social events throughout your time at Merrimack, the time commitment is manageable and many requirements overlap with your coursework.  

  • Required programming will vary based on your major but the time commitment is minimal as compared to the benefits you will reap from Warriors at Work.
  • No class work or assignments
  • No weekly meetings
  • Approximately 3 requirements per semester

Your guaranteed co-op or internship is contingent upon successful completion of all components of the program.

Policies & Procedures

General Requirements

  • Must maintain good academic and disciplinary standing with the college as defined by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Documented completion of program requirements each semester (subject to change and published each semester).
  • Options to make up required events are handled on a case by case basis with valid exceptions documented in writing.

Departmental Requirements

Warriors at Work is a collaborative program with a student’s academic department.  Each department has unique requirements for students based on industry demand for skills and knowledge.  

In addition to the central Warriors at Work Blackboard page, participating departments may have their own unique resources and requirements for Warriors at Work.  

Professional Expectations

  • This program will provide programming that will introduce students to alumni, industry professionals as well as businesses and industries through site visits.  It is expected that all students will conduct themselves in a manner deemed appropriate and professional, including being respectful of others’ time, using polite language and appropriate written correspondence, along with appropriate attire at program events, which would be business-casual attire at a minimum, unless otherwise noted.
  • Students are expected to report any incidents of concern related to the program to the program director immediately.

Program Enrollment

Freshmen Admissions

Freshmen accepted into the participating Warriors at Work academic departments will automatically be enrolled in the program.  Messaging regarding required events and milestones will be communicated both by the Warriors at Work program office as well as the academic department.

Current Full-Time Students

Any full-time enrolled student may apply to enroll in the Warriors at Work program, up to the summer prior to their Junior year.  Contact program staff for further details.

All Merrimack students may participate in any of the Warriors at Work programming, regardless of whether the student is fully enrolled in the program as a whole.  

Transfer of Major / Transfer Students

Warriors at Work is open to students transferring into participating majors as well as those students new to Merrimack.  Program requirements may differ based on the student’s career readiness. Please submit a request to enroll with the program staff: