Student and Alumni Profiles

Biochemistry and Chemistry Student and Alumni Spotlights

Discover how Merrimack College’s curriculum has given some of our students and alumni the abilities they require for careers in biochemistry and chemistry.

Biochemistry & Chemistry Student Profiles

Biochemistry, 2025

“I first chose Merrimack from the initial feeling I got when I stepped on campus. After my first tour, I knew this is where I wanted to end up.”

Biochemistry, 2025

Merrimack always felt more like a home and a place to thrive, rather than just another four years of school.”

Biochemistry & Chemistry Alumni Profiles

Chemistry, 2018
Cell Therapy Drug Production, Post Doctoral Fellow

“The student-to-professor ratio at Merrimack College was excellent compared to other large institutions.”

Chemistry, 2022
Chemical Technician
6K Energy

Merrimack gave me a great foundation in chemistry that allowed me to transition into my current full time role!”

Biochemistry, 2022
Ph.D. Candidate
Tuft's University

I loved the atmosphere on campus and how there was a sense of community among students. I also really liked the smaller class sizes and getting to interact with professors directly, in both the classroom/labs and especially in the research setting.”