17th Annual Tolle Lege Reception Recognizes Academic Writings of Merrimack Community

The Merrimack community came together to honor the written accomplishments of 100 of its members during the 17th Annual Tolle Lege Reception.

The McQuade Library at Merrimack College held its 17th Annual Tolle Lege Reception in The Writers House Feb. 6 to honor 100 faculty, staff, students and alumni for their creative spirit and scholarly research. Honorees authored 174 pieces of literature and research in the past year, including books, book chapters, journal articles and research papers.

“We really want to celebrate the scholarship and creativity of the Merrimack community,” said McQuade Library Director Kathryn Geoffrion-Scannell. “All kinds of thrilling and intellectual work is being done here and we want to make sure more people know about it and celebrate it.”

Provost Allan Weatherwax spoke about his work studying Antarctic climate change and professor William Wians discussed material foundations of ancient philosophy. Additional faculty guest speakers included associate professor of nutrition Michael Corcoran, assistant professor of biology William McDowell, associate professor of communication and media Lisa Perks and assistant professor of finance Omer Unsal.

Marc Veletzos, associate professor of civil engineering,  attended Tolle Lege to enjoy the collegial atmosphere of the reception.

“I enjoy hearing about the great work others are doing across the College,” he said. “It’s an enjoyable, happy event and a celebration of knowledge.”

Hard copies or digital archives of each item are held in a special section on the second floor of the McQuade Library. 

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