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College Adds 28 Faculty to Meet Program Growth

Merrimack has hired 28 new faculty members across disciplines to accommodate the steady growth in academic offerings on campus, college officials said.

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“We are elated to welcome so many new faculty faces to Merrimack, all of whom will add tremendous value to the academic experience students receive at Merrimack,” Provost Allan Weatherwax said. “This is a great opportunity for our students to learn from individuals with varied expertise and new and exciting approaches to teaching.”

New faculty include:

  • Brandi L. Baldock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Andrew Cannon, M.S., Lecturer, Health Sciences
  • Jane Caputi, Ph.D., Visiting Professor and Scholar, Interdisciplinary Institute
  • Joseph Chiarelli, Ph.D., Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Anthony A. DiCarlo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Stephanie Garrone-Shufran, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education and Community Studies
  • Fotios Kokkotos, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Benjamin Larkin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sport Management
  • Raymond Lavoie, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marketing
  • John Lovett, Ph.D., Lecturer, Political Science
  • Amelia Mallona, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education and Community Studies
  • Robert Marceau, Ph.D., Lecturer, Computer Science
  • William McDowell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Kevin McGravey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Ryan Patrick McLaughlin, Ph.D., Lecturer, Religious and Theological Studies
  • Natalie Mitchell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marketing
  • Jessica Peacock, Ph.D., Lecturer, Health Science
  • Michael Piatelli, Ph.D., Lecturer, Biology
  • Aleksandra Plocha, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Christy Pottroff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, English
  • Ashrafur Rahman, M.S., Lecturer, Civil Engineering
  • Jessica Rich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Communication and Media
  • Simona Sharoni, Ph.D., Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Rena Stroud, Ph.D., Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Omer Unsal, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Finance
  • Dan Vlahos, B.F.A., Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Kathy Welby, M.Ed., Professor of Practice, Education and Community Studies
  • Gwyne White, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology