Student Spotlight: Drew Leuci, ‘24

Strumming Strings and Teaching Things
Learn more about Drew Leuci '24 and his internship as a guitar teacher at All That Music Academy.
Drew Leuci, '24

Drew Leuci playing guitar while seatedMerrimack College’s Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Department was lucky to speak with Drew Leuci ’24,  a current student at Merrimack College double majoring in Music and Communication & Media.

Leuci is extremely active in the Merrimack music scene, from being a guitarist in one of the College’s rock bands to his continued efforts in the evolution of the Merrimack Marching Band. He is also a very notable face around campus, playing at different events like Admitted Student Days and receptions at the McCoy Gallery. If you can hear melodic guitar, you know Leuci is nearby.

Recently, Leuci has been able to take his love of music and secure an internship opportunity. He currently holds the position of Guitar Teacher intern at All That Music Academy in Stoneham, MA. Every Tuesday he teaches folks of all ages.

Leuci says the position has been a challenging one, but very rewarding. The biggest skill he has learned is the need to modify communication. His students vary not only in age but also in skill level. Leuci has had to adapt his terminology to fit the needs of the learner.

“In the music field, there are lots of terminology and concepts that may be difficult to grasp,” Leuci says. “So I try to make it as easy and digestible as possible for all my students, while still keeping things fun!”

One example of his skill in breaking down complex tasks was when he was tasked to teach a group of elementary students with no previous lessons in their chosen instruments. Leuci says by the end of their group lessons the students created and performed an original song. The song was titled Good Things and he says this activity was one of the group’s favorite things to do.

Drew Leuci playing guitar while standing on stageWhen asked if Leuci had advice for current students looking for internships, he says the best thing to do is to “step outside your comfort zone.”

As a self-taught musician, Leuci learned guitar from the internet. He looked up videos on YouTube and Googled questions. Never experiencing a traditional music lesson himself, Leuci felt out of his element when starting the position, but he welcomes the challenges and is proud to tackle them as his internship unfolds throughout the semester.


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