Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence

The Merrimack College Police Department works with Merrimack community partners to promote healthy, respectful and nonviolent relationships. Officers are trained to respond to and investigate incidents of intimate partner violence and provide survivors with resources, guidance and justice.

What is Intimate Partner Violence?

  • Intimate partner violence incorporates dating violence, domestic violence, or relationship violence, and includes any act of violence or threatened act of violence against a person who is or has been involved in a sexual or dating relationship with that person. It may involve one act or an ongoing pattern of behavior.
  • Intimate partner violence can encompass a broad range of behavior, including, but not limited to threats, assault, property damage, violence or threat of violence to one’s self, one’s sexual or romantic partner, or to the family members or friends of the sexual or romantic partner.
  • Intimate partner violence affects individuals of all genders, gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientation and does not discriminate by racial, social or economic background.

The College will not tolerate intimate partner violence of any form. The College also recognizes that certain forms of sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, harm to others, emotional and psychological abuse, harassing conduct, and retaliation may all be forms of intimate partner violence when committed by a person who is or has been involved in a sexual, dating, or other similar relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the reporting party. In such situations, all potential charges may be included.

Domestic Violence

In Massachusetts, domestic violence is defined as abuse, assault or threats against one or more of the following:

  • A spouse or former spouse
  • A dating partner or a former dating partner
  • Someone you live with or have lived with
  • A relative by blood or marriage
  • The parent of your child
  • A person with whom you have or have had a substantial relationship


Abuse is defined by actual or attempted physical abuse, psychological harm, placing another in fear of serious physical harm, causing another to engage in sexual relations by force, and/or threat of force or duress. Confidential counseling, support and referral services are available through the Hamel Health Center and The Counseling Center

Additional Resources

Students can also seek information and help through: