Police Services

Merrimack College Police Department Services

We protect life and property, prevent and detect crime, and maintain campus quality of life.

How We Keep You Safe

Frequent Campus Patrols

The Merrimack College Police Department provides regular bike, cruiser and foot patrols on the Merrimack campus. Our officers make frequent checks of all campus areas. If you need assistance, you may wave down an officer at any time if you can do so safely. You may always request a safety escort or use our emergency call boxes.

We conduct regular checks of lighting on campus and conduct security surveys of offices and buildings to identify vulnerabilities in access, security and property control.

Specialized Officer Training

We have officers specially trained in sensitive incidents like sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking. Rape aggression defense classes are available to our community and we follow best practices in emergency preparedness and fire prevention and safety. 

Access to RAVE Technology

We provide you with access to RAVE technologies for your safety. Please sign up for Rave Alert to enable police services to contact you in case of a campuswide emergency. Download the Rave Guardian app for its emergency call functions, confidential reporting features and safety time where trusted friends can track your route. 

Robust Safety Locations

While any campus building or office at Merrimack is available as a safety resource if you’re seeking help, the Merrimack College Police Department, located behind Monican Hall, is always open and available to you. The Counseling Center, Grace J. Palmisano Center for Campus Ministry and Office of Community Standards are other important safety locations.

Fire Prevention and Safety

Learn more about how to prevent fires and stay safe

Safety Escort Services

If you or your guests feel uncomfortable walking alone at night or have reason to be concerned for your personal safety, the police department will provide you with a safety escort.

How to Request a Safety Escort
  1. Call 978-837-5555 (ext. 5555 internally) or contact the police via one of the emergency call boxes located throughout campus.
  2. Provide the dispatcher with your name and exact location.
  3. Wait in a safe place for the arrival of your safety escort. If an escort has not arrived after a reasonable time, please call again.
Wait Times

If no officer is available to respond immediately, the dispatcher will either provide you with the expected wait time or dispatch a member of the Student Security Team to assist you. 

Escort Restrictions

The escort service is not designed to provide transportation to/from places of employment, restaurants, taverns, airports, mass-transit, etc. We do not provide transportation for large groups or intoxicated people.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes (also known as emergency two-way call stations or emergency phones) have been installed at strategic locations throughout campus like parking lots, buildings and general areas.

What do the emergency call boxes look like?

The emergency call boxes either have a blue light on top of the box or are yellow boxes marked “Emergency.”

How do I use the emergency call box?

After you press the call button, you will be immediately connected with a police dispatcher. You will provide additional information and an officer will respond to the situation.

Location of Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency phones can be found at the following locations. You may click on the links to see a photo of the call box location.

Andover Townhouse
Arcidi Center (front)
Ash foyer
Austin Hall 114 (side by church)
Campus Center elevator
Campus Center freight elevator
Campus Center loading dock
Church (Flaherty Way)
Cushing (library side)
Cushing elevator
Deegan East elevator
Deegan East foyer
Deegan West elevator
Deegan West emergency exit
Deegan West fireplace lounge
Deegan West foyer
Hamel Health Center
Lowell Townhouse
MAC foyer
MAC rear ice
McQuade Library front door
Mendel elevator
Mendel HP entrance
Monican foyer
O’Brien Hall at Walsh Way
O’Brien Hall in the Townhouse Quad
O’Brien Elevator
O’Brien Lot
O’Reilly (bridge side)
O’Reill elevator
Rogers Center for the Arts
St. Ann’s Bridge
St. Ann’s Lot (8C)
St. Ann’s, Corner of G Tower
St. Ann’s L Tower
Sullivan 114 entrance
Sullivan elevator

Motorist Assistance and Parking Services

Officers are available to assist you if your vehicle is located on College property and you have been locked out or need a jumpstart. There are no costs for these services. Call us at 978-837-5555. For additional parking info, please contact parking and transportation services at 978-837-3553.

Dorm Lockouts

If you are locked out of your dorm room, please contact the Merrimack College Police Department at 978-837-5555. A $25.00 lockout fee will be applied to your account for each lockout.

Engraving Services

We offer engraving services during community-oriented policing programs or upon request. Engraving allows you to identify your possessions if they are lost or stolen.

  • All items, large or small, can be engraved with a mark of your choice (excluding social security numbers or crude language).
  • Examples of markings include your date of birth or your pet’s name. 
  • If your item is too large to be carried to the location of the program, you may request that an officer come to your residence hall room to provide the engraving service.

Lost and Found

Merrimack’s central lost and found is in police headquarters behind Monican Hall.

Identification Cards

Visit Mack Card services for more information about getting or replacing your ID card.