Graduate Fellowships in Public Administration and Affairs

Graduate fellowships for the Master of Public Administration and Affairs program are highly sought-after opportunities that provide you with hands-on learning and reduced tuition costs.

Graduate Fellowships in Public Administration and Affairs

Graduate fellowships for the Master of Public Administration and Affairs program are highly sought-after opportunities that provide you with hands-on learning and reduced tuition costs.

Fellowship Types

The Master of Public Administration and Affairs fellowship offers a wide range of graduate fellowship opportunities, including external and internal (on-campus) positions of the following types:

  • Presidential Fellowships provide 100% of your graduate tuition and include a 9-month, unpaid fellowship placement of 25 hours per week.
  • Provost Fellowships provide 50% of your graduate tuition and include a 9-month, unpaid fellowship placement of 15 hours per week.
Please note: The Master of Public Administration and Affairs program has presidential internal fellowships (available now) and will have external Provost fellowships added soon.

Featured Fellowship Opportunities

Please note: This list does not include all of our Master of Public Administration and Affairs fellowships. Apply to discover additional opportunities!

Graduate Management Fellow, Town of Sudbury, MA (Provost)

Job Description

The Town Manager’s Office is the chief administrative office of the Town of Sudbury. The Town seeks a Graduate Management Fellow. The Fellow’s work will include development of the operating and capital budgets, procurement and contract administration, human resource management, communications and public relations, policy development, and legal considerations. The Fellow will get exposure to the full range of local government operations, the hierarchy of local government in Massachusetts and their inter-relationships, and the local legislative process.

The Fellow will be housed primarily in the Town Manager’s Office. Depending on activity levels in the Town Manager’s Office, there will be opportunities for the Fellow to work in and gain exposure to other departments. Other departments may include Planning/Land Use, Finance (Accounting, Treasurer/Collector, Assessing), Public Safety, Public Works, Facilities (including Sustainability), and enrichment (Library, Senior Center, Recreation).

Position Responsibilities

  • Cost out collective bargaining proposals
  • Draft an Onboarding Handbook for New Select Board Members
  • Update Employee Handbook
  • Research and prepare policies for the Select Board
  • Prepare Annual Town Meeting Warrant and Town Meeting articles
  • Assist in recruitment efforts
  • Initiate performance data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Assist in the procurement of goods and services, including developing updated solicitations and contracts
  • Participate in the Town’s various climate initiatives, including building efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and helping residents and businesses be better stewards of Earth

Municipal Special Projects Fellow, Town of Belchertown, MA (Provost)

Job Description

Town of Belchertown is looking to engage with graduate students on project based work. The areas of interest are developing a resident survey, creating a communications plan and researching and recommending a new performance review plan. Student would work alongside Town employees, elected officials and applicable committee members and present their findings to the Town Administrator and possibly the Select Board.

Position Responsibilities

Resident Survey:

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on understanding the goal of the survey
  • Research and develop survey questions
  • Explore and utilize the most effective survey tool/platform
  • Utilize multiple communication methods to ensure maximum reach to encompass a diverse pool of survey respondents
  • Compile and present on survey findings

Communications Plan:

  • Collaborate with Town employees and officials on the development of a communications plan
  • Research other municipal communications plans
  • Identify areas of strengths and weakness; make recommendations for improvement
  • Demonstrate communications methods currently used, those not in use and recommend methods and platforms
  • Present final plan to Town Administrator and possibly the Select Board

Performance Reviews:

  • Understand current performance review system in place and identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Research other MA municipal performance review systems
  • Compile data on different types of plans
  • Identify most effective plans
  • Develop a customized plan or plans for Town employees, working with Town employees and Unions where applicable
  • Present recommendation to Town Administrator and possibly Select Board

Town of Middleton Administrator's Office Coordinator, Town of Middleton, MA (Provost)

Job Description

You will learn:

  • How to build and structure a budget document grounded in nationally recognized best practices
  • Internal operations for municipal management and HR offices
  • Logistics of planning and preparing for public meetings, public hearings, and other Open Meeting Law compliant activities, including legal notices, minutes, and application deadlines
  • How to adapt citizen engagement theory to municipal budget process
  • M.G.L. relevant to the Town Administrator’s office, Open Meeting law, Public Records law, Human Resource laws and best practices, Town Meeting
  • Experience with organizing, drafting, and implementing municipal bylaws and policies
  • Municipal Budget process for a Town with Open Town Meeting/Select Board/TA form of government
  • Policy and best practice research and implementation

Position Responsibilities

  • Assisting the Town Administrator’s Office in formatting and preparing the documents, reports, and meeting materials
  • Helping with preparation for meetings by assembling packets, drafting presentations, and assisting with meeting agendas
  • Researching and drafting memos/briefs on best practices, laws, or data to inform policy discussions
  • Providing excellent customer service to the public
  • Assisting with ongoing licensing and other project-based work
  • Working on citizen engagement strategies and related action items including website
  • Drafting marketing materials for events and programs
  • Occasional office tasks: phone calls, sorting mail, logging calls, etc.
  • Other projects as assigned based on the intern’s interests and goals and the needs of the Town

North Andover Deputy Town Manager Assistant, North Andover, MA (Provost)

Job Description

The fellow would shadow the Deputy Town Manager and be a part of the Town Manager’s Office team. This opportunity would be ideal for a fellow who is interested in general municipal management, human services, human resources, library management, council on aging operations, veterans services and youth and recreation services.

Position Responsibilities

  • Safety Program Development
  • Policy Research and Development
  • Research Training Programs
  • Creation of a “Citizens Academy”

Economic & Community Development Fellow, Town of Acton, MA (Provost)

Job Description

This position will work with Economic & Community Development Director on project covering a large number of departments within the municipal government of the Town of Acton. These include Economic Development, Recreation, Transportation, Public Art & Tourism. The fellow will receive a broad overview of municipal government and work out of Town Manager’s Office.

Position Responsibilities

  • Outreach
  • Event Planning & Implementation
  • Grant Planning & Research

Public Policy/Communications Fellow, Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs (Provost)

Job Description

Working primarily in the office of Public Policy and assisting in Communications/Marketing, this placement is perfect for a motivated individual possessing strong communication and organizational skills, knowledge of the political system, a passion for improving lives, and a good sense of humor who wants field experience in working with policymakers or in the public health field.

The Fellow will have the opportunity to work with one of the leading nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts in youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility through advocacy with elected and appointed officials at local, state, and federal levels. At present, this fellowship is a remote placement.

Position Responsibilities

  • Attending legislative hearings, and doing the necessary research
  • Developing fact sheets and compiling information packets for meetings with policymakers
  • Attending various external meetings and taking notes
  • Tracking legislation
  • Working on grants or statewide projects
  • Assisting both the Policy & Communications Manager as well as Executive Director
  • Assisting the Alliance team with organizing various events
  • Creating content for the Alliance’s Social Media Accounts

Community Standards Graduate Fellow (Presidential)

Job Description

The graduate fellow in the Office of Community Standards will gain knowledge in and assist with the facilitation of the student conduct system, including holding administrative hearings and acting as the chairperson for student conduct hearing boards.

The fellow will also work in collaboration with offices on campus on health and wellness initiatives and programs. Additionally, the graduate fellow may be called upon for administrative support of the Merrimack College CARE system.

Position Responsibilities

  • Participate in the review of weekly cases through the Advocate Discipline database.
  • Conduct administrative hearings and participate on student conduct board.
  • Facilitate student conduct board process.
  • Review best practices in and assist in the development of creative sanctioning including Bystander Intervention Workshops.
  • Assist in database management through student conduct checks.
  • Manage police reports through the Advocate Discipline database.
  • Conduct CARE outreach and manage student CARE files.
  • Facilitate CHOICES/BASICS alcohol prevention program.
  • Work to support wellness programming, covering topics such as substance use/abuse, mental health, sexual assault/relationship violence, general safety, and other topics, development and execution.

Merrimack College Office of Sponsored Programs Pre and Post Award Administration & Compliance Fellow (Presidential)

Job Description

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports and advances the College’s mission by providing leadership and expertise in grant administration and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. OSP administers all federal, state, for-profit, nonprofit and private foundations for faculty-led proposal submissions and awards involving research, education, community service, or other sponsored activities. The graduate Fellow will work with the Senior Associate Vice President of Research Administration and Foundation Relations, Grant Fund Accountant, Director of Foundation Relations, Senior Research Administrator, and Director of Research Protection and Compliance to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Position Responsibilities

Prospect Research:

  • Assists faculty and staff in searching for both governmental and non-governmental funding opportunities (i.e. requests for proposals, letters of intent, white papers, etc.) that can support their research or extramural projects including community engagement and outreach.

Proposal Development and Submission (Pre-Award):

  • Create informative training modules as it relate to best practice guidance and proposal development support to faculty and staff.
  • Participate in training opportunities to provide guidance on proposal and budget development.
  • Assist with ensuring that all submissions have institutional approval prior to submission.
  • Assist with the submission of proposals, letters of intent, pre-proposals, and white papers on behalf of the College.

Grant Administration (Post-Award):

  • Conduct comprehensive reviews of grant awards and contracts.
  • Assist OSP staff and participate in all grant administration activities (i.e. budget modifications, change of Principal Investigator, no-cost extensions, prior approvals, etc.).
  • Assist in ensuring that all reporting requirements are completed in a timely manner.
  • Assist in the initiation of close-out activities in accordance with grant requirements.

Training and Education:

  • Review and provide updates on current information regarding any changes to policies, practices, and regulations.
  • Assist in the development of training materials and participate in training events (with potential to lead their own training presentation).

Customer Service & Marketing:

  • Provide support needed during the entire grant lifecycle, beginning with funding opportunities through grant closeout.
  • Assist in updating the OSP Website.
  • Assist in the development of newsletters, reports, and OSP broadcast announcements.

Service Learning Coordinator (Presidential)

Job Description

The Graduate fellow in the Stevens Service Learning Center works with the staff on all aspects of the service learning program. The student will experience life in an office with much student traffic and will interact with students, faculty, administrators and community partners. The fellow will be responsible for placing service-learning students into placement sites, helping to develop relationships with community partners and faculty instructors, and evaluating service learning students at the end of each semester. This position offers a variety of opportunities for a graduate student who is interested in academic/student life/community partnerships and other forms of civic & community engagement activities. These opportunities will be tailored to the needs of the student’s program.

Position Responsibilities

Help to coordinate the service learning placements for specific courses:

  • Place students in their site.
  • Implement an orientation program for service-learning students.
  • Develop relationships with community site coordinators.
  • Monitor student progress at their service locations.
  • Assist as needed with the Austin Scholars Program and/or Lawrence Math & Science Partnership.
  • Engage students with reflection and assessment.
  • Meet with students on a 1-1 basis as needed.
  • Create and facilitate reflection workshops that align with students’ coursework and service experiences.
  • Create and advise a service learning student executive board.

Engage community partners in the service learning program at Merrimack College: 

  • Communicate regularly with partners.
  • Create a partnership handbook.
  • Organize an end-of-year recognition event for community partners and students.
  • Assist in the evaluation and assessment of partnerships.

Create new partnerships (if interested) General Office Duties:

  • Assist in other office projects (for example – McKniff Ceremony, Mack Gives Back, Open House, Admitted Student Days).
  • Participate in end-of-semester assessments and reporting.
  • Day-to-day office maintenance (including updating web page and other social media).
  • Update and coordinate transportation schedules as needed.

Intercultural Initiatives Program Assistant (Presidential)

Job Description

The office of Intercultural Initiatives (II) is seeking a Graduate Fellow to provide support, leadership and guidance regarding the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus. Working in the Office of Intercultural Initiatives and reporting to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Unity House, the Intercultural Fellow will provide both administrative and programmatic support for multiple DEI student-focused initiatives using a variety of program management, project management, communication, data management, and organizational skills.

The Unity house provides programming and peer support services to traditionally under-represented populations at Merrimack College which is focused on the further advancement of a school-wide culture that welcomes and celebrates all students. We are looking for a vibrant advocate for social justice who also wants to participate in the continued development of this division at Merrimack College. This position requires a state date one week prior to the official start date of the program.

Position Responsibilities

  • Participate in events held or sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Initiatives or Unity House
  • Perform general office managerial tasks, support the front area, respond to inquiries from members of the college community, and management and upkeep of Unity House facilities
  • Co-advise the Unity House Student Council through provision of support and guidance for events, leadership development, supervision, training schedules of student workers, and assisting with oversight of weekly meetings, and other initiatives
  • Work closely with the SGA Diversity Committee through providing support and guidance, attend weekly meetings and other initiatives
  • Support the needs of our SGA-recognized affinity student organizations including budget maintenance, space booking and programming
  • Act as liaison between MI, Unity House, and affinity student groups and offices on campus
  • Assist with the use of Student Engagement Software (CampusLabs), creating and managing diversity related events of MI, Unity House and affinity student groups
  • Collaborate with the other offices including but not limited to; Office of Student Involvement, Residence Life, International Student Support, Wellness Education, and Community Standards
  • Coordinate and support programming efforts across campus and assess efforts
  • Design advertising, marketing, and communication for MI and Unity House programming and projects, including maintaining brand standard by updating and maintaining the Unity House Social Media and Canva accounts
  • Develop, implement and maintain programming, training, and education for students and campus partners
  • Provide database management and record keeping support
  • Oversee the International Student Mentorship program
  • Advise a caseload of students, especially those on academic probation, or students with cultural adjustment concerns
  • Participate in all aspects of International Students Orientation (Fall and Spring), including benchmarking, planning, session design, execution, and assessment
  • Assist with preparing reports on international student data
  • Assist the International Student Support Staff with academic success initiatives

Public Administration and Affairs Fellowship Process


  1. Click the “Apply Now” button below or go to to begin or resume your graduate application.
  2. Within your app, select “Yes” for “Are you applying to a fellowship?”
  3. Submit your application. Be sure to complete the required Fellowship essay.
  4. Receive your admission decision. If admitted to the master’s program, you’ll receive further instructions about the fellowship process.
A screenshot from an iPhone displaying the question about fellowship interest on the graduate application.

Important Information for the 2024-2025 Public Administration and Affairs Fellowship Program

Stay tuned for more fellowship information in early April.

First Day of Fellowship Training: August 12, 2024 

Courses Begin: Late August 2024 (Fall I)

Duration of Fellowship Placement: August 26, 2024 to late June 2025

We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible for your best chance at a preferred placement. Applications will be accepted until all fellowship positions have been filled.

The process is as follows:

  1. Submit your online application. Be sure to indicate your fellowship interest within your application.
  2. Submit your initial ranking form. Students who are accepted for admission and invited to interview for a fellowship will be eligible to review and rank their preferred positions. If you are invited, your invitation will include a deadline for submitting your selections. Please note: we do not guarantee that you will be invited to interview for your top selections.
  3. Complete your site interviews. First round of interviews will take place. 
  4. Submit your post-interview rankings. After the interviews, both students and sites must complete and submit their post-interview ranking forms, ranking their preferences for final placement.
  5. Receive your match notification. Match letters will be sent to all students and supervisors.

Please note: Participation in the fellowship placement process is NOT a guarantee of a fellowship.

Questions? All interested students should email Liana Caffery in Graduate Admissions for further information. 

Dean and Alumni Scholarships

Dean and Alumni Scholarships are available to students who are not receiving a fellowship. No additional application is needed.

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