Catholic School Leadership Certificate: Why Merrimack College?

Offered by one of the nation’s most highly respected Catholic colleges, this online graduate certificate is designed for experienced teachers and junior school administrators. Program benefits include:

Comprehensive career development.

You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to oversee day-to-day operations, formulate long-range strategic plans, and provide Catholic school leadership that meets the needs of today’s students and families.

Committed faculty.

Merrimack’s graduate certificate in Catholic school leadership is led by widely recognized Catholic educators who teach from first-hand experience. You’ll get close one-on-one guidance from exceptional Catholic school administrators such as Stephen Curry and pre-eminent scholars such as Joseph Kelley, one of the nation’s leading experts on Augustinian thought.

High standards, strong values.

The Catholic school graduate certificate draws upon Merrimack’s own tradition of rigorous academics steeped in faith and spirituality. You’ll join a dynamic community of educators who serve the same mission, confront the same challenges and pursue the same goals as primary and secondary Catholic school leaders.

Robust interaction.

Merrimack’s user-friendly online learning platform promotes lively dialogue and collaboration between students and faculty. You’ll build strong relationships with fellow Catholic school administrators and educators, belonging to a network of supportive peers who exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Convenience and accessibility.

The online Catholic school leadership program is specifically designed for working professionals. You can complete coursework on a flexible schedule that won’t interfere with your job responsibilities.