Residence Life

New Students

Welcome to Campus

Congratulations on your admission to Merrimack! The Office of Residence Life is thrilled to welcome you to the Merrimack community and have prepared some important information for you about living on campus.

Please review the information below, and know our staff is here to help as you navigate the new student housing questionnaire and what it means to live on campus.

New Student Housing Deposits

In order to secure a space in on-campus housing, you will need to submit a $700 enrollment deposit by the date outlined in your admission letter. See the admission website or contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission for deposit instructions. Returning students have a different process for submitting their deposits.

New Student Housing Questionnaire

Students who intend to live in housing should submit a housing questionnaire which will go live in April of 2023 in your myHousing Portal.   This form is designed for us to match you with 1-3 roommates with similar living habits. This form is due by end of day Thursday, June 22, 2023. Please note that this could take 1-2 business days after paying your deposit to gain access. 

To access the form please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into  MyHousing Portal (you will need to be logged into google with your Merrimack Credentials to access)
  2. Click on the menu at the top left
  3. Click on Forms to complete
  4. Click on 23-24 New Student Housing Questionnaire

For step by step instructions, please click here to watch video on how to complete the form.


If you are coming to Merrimack knowing a first year student who you want to live with, or meet a first year student, you can match with them through the Roommate Selection feature on the MyHousing Portal. New students are allowed to match with up to three other people. Please note that the number of people a student requests does not guarantee a specific room type.

To create a group, follow these steps

  1. Log into your MyHousing Portal (you will need to be logged into google with your Merrimack Credentials to access)
  2. In the menu click on “Roommate Selection”
  3. Click “select roommates”
  4. Where it says “for the term”, change the date to Fall 2023
  5. Scroll down to “Pending roommate Requests”, if you have any, click the 3 buttons next to their name and either accept or decline
  6. If you need to match with more members of your group click “search for roommate”, and search for the first person you are looking to live with (direct roommate) by entering their information, and clicking “begin search”
  7. “Search Results” will appear below and you will click to request a roommate. That roommate will then receive a pending request.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all people you are requesting to live with.

Once everyone has requested or accepted a request from each member of the group, they will be considered “fully matched”. If not everyone matches with each other the group will not be considered fully matched, and each individual will go through the process as a group of one. Students you are requesting will need to have paid their housing deposit before anyone is able to request them as a roommate.

For step by step instructions, please click here to watch a video on how to match with roommates. 

Medical Housing

New students are able to request housing accommodations based on their medical, psychological and/or disability needs. More information can be found on the Accessibility Services Website.

Move-in Information

Information about Fall 2023 move-in has been posted here: New Student Move-In Information


Please email us ( or call us at 978-837-5507 with any questions or concerns.