Sharing a Space

Planning Your Space

When living with another person, especially for the first time, space can become an issue. Therefore, it is important that all roommates have equal space in the room and speak openly about their concerns.


When discussing space issues, it is also important to discuss cleaning and shared spaces (such as a suite common area or bathroom). Discuss what an acceptable level of cleanliness is. Then develop a cleaning schedule and stick to it. If you believe that one roommate is not sticking to the agreed upon plan, then talk about the situation with them. If you need assistance to do this, see your resident advisor. 


Our policy is to charge all students who are responsible for avoidable damage and losses that occur in the residence areas. Avoidable damage is defined as damage that is the consequence of careless, willful or malicious actions, including the consequences of horseplay and indoor sports. When individual responsibility for damage and loss in public areas cannot be determined, a charge will be made to all students within a reasonably defined area. Common area damage assessments cannot be appealed. 


Each student will receive one set of furniture in a standard occupancy room. A full set includes a twin XL bed, dresser, desk and wardrobe. Sit down with your roommates to develop a plan to share the furniture and space in your room equally. 

Merrimack College is not responsible for personal items that are damaged or stolen while living in the residence halls. You are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance for your belongings. Such insurance can be obtained through National Student Services insurance.

Roommate Contracts

roommate contract can help you set guidelines and ensure you and your roommates understand how to best live together.