Living with Others

Avoiding Conflicts

Living with others can be both a challenging and rewarding experience in college.

The Office of Residence Life is available to assist you as you navigate community life. If a roommate conflict does occur, please contact your Resident Advisor (RA). RAs are here to help mediate a conversation between you and your roommates and create a roommate contract.

Questions for Your Roommates

  1. I prefer to go to bed at … and wake up at …
  2. In my free time, I like to …
  3. I like to study alone/with others … in quiet/with music … in room/in library.
  4. My favorite music is …
  5. How neat do you like your room to be?
  6. How will we divide the cleaning responsibilities?
  7. What temperature are you comfortable with? Do you prefer fans/open windows/heat?
  8. Do you feel comfortable sharing clothes, food, appliances, music, personal hygiene items, electronic equipment, computers, books, etc.?
  9. What items are/are not appropriate to share or borrow?
  10. Would you prefer if I asked to borrow an item before I use it?
  11. Should we buy/rent any items together? How should we split the cost? Who should keep it at the end of the year?
  12. Do you mind anyone sitting on your bed?
  13. Are there times when you would prefer guests NOT be in the room?
  14. Do you prefer advanced notice when I plan to have guests?
  15. What hours are acceptable to watch television/listen to the stereo? At what volume?
  16. Where should messages be left for you?
  17. How do you feel about alcohol and other drugs?
  18. How do you handle stress?
  19. How should we communicate when there is a problem?
  20. My pet peeves are …

Roommate Contract

A roommate contract can help you and your roommates set common goals and guidelines for your room. It typically covers a variety of issues like guests, noise, sharing food, clothes and more. Your RA can help you develop this agreement. It is important to follow these guidelines and revisit the contract periodically.