Residential Guest Policy

Register Your Guest

All parents, guests, visitors, vendors and fans are welcome onto Merrimack College’s campus providing they follow the College’s campus access policy.

Day Guests

Vaccinated family or friends of residential students will be allowed to visit on campus in the residential areas. Those family and friends who have a 2021-2022 Merrimack identification card will be able to do so freely during the day. Those who do not have a card will need to be registered 24 hours in advance and will need to be vaccinated, have proof of vaccination and provide proof of registration at the gate.

Residential students who would like to register their family member who does not have a 2021-2022 Merrimack identification card to come onto campus during the day must fill out the day guest registration form 24 hours in advance of the visit. Please note that the student must log into their Merrimack account and fill out the form. If this form is not completed, family members and friends will only be allowed to pick up or drop off at Lot A near the Elm Street entrance. The day guest registration form will be available once the fall semester begins on the Office of Residence Life webpage.

Commuter students may visit the residence halls during the day when invited.

Overnight Guests

Residential students may also register friends to visit in the residential area for an overnight stay (including a commuter student). Students who would like to register an overnight guest must have consent from their roommate(s) and fill out the overnight guest registration form 72 hours in advance of the visit. All overnight guests including those who have a 2021-2022 Merrimack identification card must be registered. Failure to have overnight guests both registered and vaccinated will result in denial of entry to campus. Residential guests will not be permitted without proof of vaccination and will be sent off campus without it.

Register Your Guest

All guests must be registered online before they arrive. Guests need to have the guest pass with them at all times, either on a smartphone or printed out.

Register an Overnight Guest

More Information

For more information on Merrimack College’s overnight guest policy, please consult the Student Handbook.