Housing Amenities

Following is a summary of the amenities students can expect to find in their campus housing.

Room Furnishings

Each student receives a bed, a desk, a chair, a bureau, and a wardrobe or built-in closet. Mattresses are twin extra long (36 x 80 x 6 inches). Upperclass buildings with suites or apartments have furniture in the common room. All personal upholstered furniture brought to the room by students must meet California Code 117.


Most rooms have tile floors. If you wish to bring a rug, it is recommended that it be cut smaller than the room to make laying it easier. Rooms in North Residential Village, South Residential Village, the Townhouses and O’Brien Hall are carpeted.

Laundry Facilities

Every residential area has laundry facilities. Laundry is free on campus, but students are required to provide their own detergent. Check out Laundry View for machine availability.

Vending Machines

Most residential areas are equipped with vending machines that dispense beverages and snacks. Many machines in the residence halls and around campus accept the Mack Card.

Cable Connections

Resident rooms are equipped with cable. Students provide their own coaxial cable to connect their TV to the wall outlet.

Internet Access

Merrimack is a wireless campus. Access to wi-fi is provided in the residential areas. Personal wi-fi devices are prohibited. In addition, technology with wireless capabilities, such as printers, gaming devices and Apple TVs, must be plugged into an ethernet port with the wireless function turned off.