Unattached to national and state curricula, independent schools are in a unique position to meet the needs of their diverse populations, and to develop a curriculum and co-curricular activities that can have a long term positive impact on the lives of their students. However, due to the shifting educational landscape, independent schools can face financial, enrollment and other pressures that make their task even more challenging. Further, new educational choices, such as magnet and charter schools, have drawn parents who might have been interested in independent education to low or no-cost options instead.

This three-course certificate program will prepare leaders in independent schools to thrive while addressing these key challenges.

Independent School Leadership Certificate: Why Merrimack?

As a student in Merrimack’s online graduate certificate program in independent school leadership, you’ll enjoy the same expert instruction, research-backed approaches, and sense of community as students in our master’s degree programs in education. You’ll benefit from:

Practical, relevant coursework.

Like Merrimack’s teacher education master’s program, with which it shares faculty and curriculum, the online certificate in independent school leadership emphasizes evidence-based practice to yield proven outcomes. You’ll learn research-supported techniques for moving the needle on financial health, student performance, community relationships, and more.

Exceptional faculty.

In the graduate certificate program, you’ll work closely with nationally recognized teaching experts who are devoted to your success. Our teacher education faculty includes accomplished educators such as Dr. Marie Galinski and Dr. Stephanie Garrone-Shufran, as well as prolific researchers and policy specialists such as Anne Gatling.

Robust interaction.

Merrimack’s user-friendly online learning platform promotes lively dialogue and collaboration between students and faculty. You’ll build strong relationships with fellow administrators and educators, belonging to a network of supportive peers who exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Convenience and accessibility.

The online independent school leadership program is specifically designed for working professionals. You can complete coursework on a flexible schedule that won’t interfere with your current job responsibilities.