Independent School Leadership Certificate: Why Merrimack College?

Independent schools require innovative school administrators who can foster unique learning environments. for diverse, nontraditional student populations. Merrimack College’s online Graduate Certificate in Independent School Leadership equips you to meet the wide range of educational, financial and management challenges that are particular to independent schools.

This fully online program equips you to excel as an independent school administrator because it features:

Practical, relevant coursework.

The online independent school leadership program sets you up to succeed by providing you with skills that yields proven outcomes. You’ll acquire practical techniques for achieving financial sustainability, raising student performance, building strong community partnerships and fulfilling other educational leadership roles.

Exceptional faculty.

Our independent school leadership program is led by innovative educators who’ve earned national recognition. You’ll work closely with accomplished educational leaders such as Dr. Stephanie Garrone-Shufran and Dr. Marie Galinski, as well as prolific researchers and policy specialists such as Anne Gatling.

Robust interaction.

Merrimack’s user-friendly online learning platform supports the kind of dialogue you’d typically get from an in-person program. You’ll form real relationships in a virtual environment, collaborating with classmates and establishing strong bonds with faculty.

Transferable credits.

Upon completion of the 12-credit independent school leadership certificate, you’ll be just 24 credits shy of a Master of Education degree. If you choose to continue your studies, all credits from the school administration certificate will automatically count toward the M.Ed in Teacher Education.

Convenience and affordability.

The online independent school leadership program is specifically designed for working teachers, administrators and other educators. You can complete coursework whenever and wherever if fits into your work schedule, at times and places that don’t interfere with your work duties, family responsibilities or other obligations.