Girard School of Business

School Counseling Fellowships and Scholarships

Graduate Fellowships for the School Counseling program help defray tuition costs while building and enhancing your professional skills. Scholarships are also available for those seeking a fellowship.

Dean and Alumni Scholarships

Dean and Alumni Scholarships are available to students who are not receiving a fellowship. No additional application is needed.

Graduate Fellowships - save 50 percent of tuition

To be considered for the graduate fellowship for the 2020-21 academic year, please complete the application as soon as possible.  

A limited number of Provost Fellowships, which cover half of graduate tuition, are available for those beginning their first year of study. The fellowship includes a non-credit fellowship course and a 15 hour a week unpaid fellowship placement. Please note:

  • This fellowship includes either an on-campus or off-campus fellowship placement.
  • The placement will provide training and experience in the program area in which the student is enrolled and is intended for the educational benefit of the student.

General fellowship qualifications:

  • Excellence in undergraduate educational background
  • Strong writing and communication skills (Communications MTEL pass)
  • Evidence of leadership experience
  • Ability to multitask and manage time well
  • Personal characteristics of compassion, integrity, and the ability to genuinely connect with others
  • Demonstrated professionalism through related work or undergraduate internship experiences
  • Proficiency in using Google, Microsoft and web-based technology platforms.
  • Excellent organizational skills

Sample fellowship positions:

School Counseling/Human Development Research Assistant:
The graduate assistant will work with human development and school counseling faculty on campus, to design, and carry out research in the field. A strong background in undergraduate research required. The Research Assistant will be required to get NIH (National Institute of Heath) certification (online process no cost). Position responsibilities are: 

  1. Support research projects within the School of Education and Social Policy through data collection, data analysis, conducting interviews or focus groups, and other related activities.
  2. Conduct literature reviews on topics for faculty research areas.
  3. Assist with undergraduate research course

School Counseling/Human Development Teaching Assistant:
The graduate assistant will work with the human development and school counseling faculty on specific course development and delivery. Position responsibilities include: 

  1. Assisting with course content review for school counseling/human development courses
  2. Researching articles, materials and course content for online and on-ground courses
  3. Assisting with the delivery of undergraduate human development courses
  4. Provide advising support for human development students and Double Warrior students.

How to Apply

To be considered for a graduate fellowship, apply to the Master of Education in School Counseling and indicate your fellowship interest within your online application.

Acceptance into the fellowship program is a competitive process. In addition to the materials required for traditional graduate admittance, the fellowship application may require additional documents and an interview.    

Please note:

  • If you are offered and accept a fellowship position, you will not be eligible for any other discounts or scholarships, including a merit-based Dean scholarship or the Double Warrior alumni scholarship
  • When you apply for the fellowship, you are also automatically considered for the traditional degree program.
    If you are admitted into the traditional program but not offered a fellowship, you will automatically be considered for a Dean scholarship.
  • If you are originally awarded a scholarship and then are given a fellowship placement, you will no longer receive the merit scholarship. The fellowship will replace any other discounts.