Master of Social Work


Higher Education Curriculum

In Merrimack’s Master of Social Work, you will learn both in the classroom and in real-world settings while thoroughly preparing for your initial social work license exam.

The MSW is a 56-credit program, or 36 credits for advanced-standing students. The regular full-time program is completed in 2 years over 6 semesters, while the advanced standing program may be completed in just 4 semesters.

If you are a Master of Social Work student with regular standing,  you will complete 48 core credits, including those for the field education experience. If you are a student with advanced standing, there are 28 core credits required.

You will also take a minimum of 8 credits of electives, and depending on specialization may need to take more.

Students enrolled in the full-time and part-time programs will complete 16 clock hours a week in the first year of their field education placements and 24 clock hours in their second year. Advanced standing students will complete 24 clock hours a week.

Courses You’ll Take

Social Work Requirements

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