Social Work Graduate Fellowships

Earn your Master of Social Work and reduce your tuition with a graduate fellowship.

Fellowship Types

The Winston School of Education and Social Policy offers a wide range of internal (on-campus) graduate fellowship opportunities of the following types:

  • Presidential Fellowships provide 100% of your graduate tuition and include a 9-month, unpaid fellowship placement of 25 hours per week.
  • Provost Fellowships* provide 50% of your graduate tuition and include a 9-month, unpaid fellowship placement of 15 hours per week.

Note that, because of the 900 hours of field work integrated into the MSW curriculum, fellowships are not available for the second year of the program. Instead, all MSW graduate fellows will be automatically eligible for scholarship in the second year.

*The Provost Fellowships are not eligible to count as social work field placements. A 16 hour per week social work field placement is required in year 1 and these do not qualify as meeting the CSWE SW competencies. 

Featured Fellowship Opportunities

Please note: This list does not include all of our Master of Social Work fellowships. Apply to discover additional opportunities!

Civic and Community Engagement Fellow (Presidential)

Position Description

The Presidential Civic and Community Engagement Initiative seeks two Graduate Fellows to provide support, leadership, and guidance within the Civic and Community Engagement (CCE) realm at Merrimack College (25 hrs/week). The CCE fellows will recruit and train students within the school to prepare them for service and community-engaged opportunities and support faculty in CCE curriculum development. They will also engage in impact studies that evaluate the scope of civic and community engagement within each of the Schools, including Liberal Arts, the Girard School of Business, Health Sciences and Nursing, Winston School of Education and Social Policy, and Science and Engineering. The fellows will work closely with campus partners to execute and streamline programs for campus-wide initiatives.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work closely with supervisors Kirstie Lynn Dobbs and Peter Rojas, President Civic and Community Engagement Advisory Council Co-Chairs
  • Collaborate with other schools/offices, including but not limited to Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and any President’s Office Initiative
  • Recruit and market existing CCE opportunities to the students within the school, including the Community of Engaged Scholars program
  • Facilitate weekly workshops for the Community Engaged Scholars Program
  • Manage 100+ students in the Community Engaged Scholars Program, including their service-learning placements and completion of asynchronous work
  • Create and facilitate developmental training to support students and faculty in preparation for service opportunities
  • Assist in the monitoring, evaluation, and learning of CCE efforts on campus and provide feedback on campus and community impact
  • Coordinate and support programming of campus-wide efforts such as Mack Gives Back, Unity in Diversity Days, Social Justice Month, and/or initiatives within the Schools
  • Assist in integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies on campus and in the community
  • Perform general office managerial tasks and respond to inquiries from members of the college community
  • Compile current stories of CCE efforts within the school to support the campus-wide marketing narrative
  • Update and maintain Website, Social Media, and Canva accounts
  • Market and recruit speakers for the CCE podcast Other duties as assigned

Compass Academic Success Coach (Presidential)

Position Description

Compass seeks to foster student success through a program of transformational learning experiences including cohort courses, academic coaching, and coordinated support services. The Academic Coaching team seeks to gradually increase the students’ self-reliance through academic and professional skill building. The graduate fellow for Compass will be responsible for assisting the Compass team in supporting entering freshmen with the academic and social support they need to foster to meet the demands of higher education. The projected student acceptance into Compass for Fall 2024 is 280 incoming freshmen; the graduate fellow will be responsible for providing academic coaching to a caseload of about 25 students.

The Compass Fellow will receive training to help students transition between high school and college and develop skills such as critical thinking and reading, college-level writing, time management strategies, goal setting and self-discipline through one-on-one academic coaching meetings, team-led workshops, and guided study time.

Estimated percentage of work that involves in-person contact with students: 90%

Position Responsibilities

  • Provide support, motivation, and guidance to first-year students in the program
  • Assist in organization/execution of projects geared towards first-year retention and academic readiness
  • Assist in and organize community-building activities and workshops for first-year and upper-class Compass students
  • Assist the Compass Program staff and faculty instructors in delivering critical thinking and writing skills, addressing academic insecurities, test-taking strategies, time management and other academic readiness skills
  • Meet with a caseload of approximately 25 students one-on-one each week for academic coaching meetings, maintaining outreach and communication with the students through e-mail and other electronic communication
  • Attend the cornerstone Compass cohort lecture early in the semester to understand the Compass curriculum
  • Communicate with faculty in order to assist the students and professors with the success of the course
  • Meet regularly with the Compass Program staff, including academic coaching training & team meetings
  • Mentor and support upper-class student peer leaders in order to facilitate their successful contact and support of first-year students
  • Maintain reports and data tracking student progress, student engagement and attendance
  • Assist in planning and delivery of reflection and academic readiness workshops as assigned
  • Maintain a team attitude and complete any and all duties and tasks as assigned
  • Participate in the Academic Success Center as a member of the larger team of student support personnel, including attending staff meetings and special events

Winston Center for Advising and Student Support Graduate Fellow (Presidential)

Position Description

The Center for Advising and Student Support (CASS) within the Winston School of Education & Social Policy (WSESP) is a one-stop location for students to receive both academic and career advising. The Fellow will support students’ acclimation and transition, focusing primarily on first-year and transfer Education and Human Development & Human Services majors, but also assisting with other students as needed. The Fellow does not need to have prior knowledge or experience with an education academic program, but simply a desire to gain hands-on experience in advising and take an active role in working with students. The Fellow will have the opportunity to work with representatives from the O’Brien Career Center, the Academic Success Center, and the Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support.

In addition to responsibilities within the CASS office, the Fellow will participate in administrative activities related to the WSESP. There may also be opportunities in other categories based on the needs of the WSESP, as well as the interests and career objectives of the Fellow.

Fellows will also take part in Merrimack’s campus-wide Holistic Success Coaching program and as such have a small caseload of transitioning first year students to coach throughout the year. Duties include providing outreach and support to students, attending professional development trainings, and tracking student engagement in the Merrimack Connect Database.

Estimated percentage of work that involves in-person contact with students: 80%

Position Responsibilities

Student Support and Advising: (80%)

  • Assist the advising team with the advising of and acclimation for Education and Human Development & Human Services majors. The Fellow will be assigned a caseload of first-year and transfer students and be actively involved in acclimation, advising, and retention efforts for these students
  • The Fellow may also have the opportunity to participate in other advising and retention initiatives from across the college
  • Some past fellows have been Success Coaches for a small caseload of first-year students, and some have even assisted with the Retention Coordination Committee. These duties will be assigned as the opportunities arise.
  • Review and maintain accurate advising documentation.

Administrative and Operational: (20%)

  • Keep updated records of student meetings on Slate.
  • Assist the advising team with enrollment management.

Graduate Residence Director (Presidential)

Position Description

The Graduate Resident Director (GRD) reports directly to the Area Coordinator (AC) in their assigned area. The GRD will co-supervise a Resident Advisor (RA) staff. In conjunction with their supervisor, they are responsible for the overall administration and daily operation of the assigned area. In addition, the successful candidate will be required to live in on-campus housing provided by the Office of Residence Life. Estimated percentage of work that involves in-person contact with students: 75%

GRDs are placed in a specific residential area on campus based on their skills and the needs of the department. On campus housing is provided to GRDs. The style of housing varies between residential areas, but all GRDs have a single bedroom to themselves and access to a private bathroom. GRDs are provided a full meal plan during the academic year while the dining hall is open. Option to renew for a second year with satisfactory performance as determined by direct supervisor and Associate Director for Selection, Training and Development in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Residence Life.

This position requires a start date in early July.

Position Responsibilities

  • Be available and visible to the residential population, and engage residents on a regular basis
  • Supervise the RA staff in conjunction with the AC
  • Serve as part of the on-call duty rotation; GRDs are considered emergency personnel during campus emergencies and are expected to be available to work outside regularly-scheduled hours during campus emergencies
  • Conduct regular facilities walks and report maintenance issues
  • Contribute to Residence Life processes including: opening, closings, RA Training, RA Selection and Housing Selection
  • Serve as part of a Residence Life Committee (such as RA Training, RA Selection, Professional Staff Selection, etc.), with the opportunity to lead a committee or task force in the second year
  • Lead critical RA training sessions based on experiences and interests
  • Attend weekly professional and RA staff meetings and July professional staff training
  • Develop, track, and assess RA programming as well as RA duty schedules
  • Recruit and advise a hall council
  • Assist with managing one of the Office of Residence Life’s signature programs
  • Serve as an administrative hearing officer for cases of student conduct violations
  • Other duties as assigned

Service Learning Coordinator (Presidential)

Position Description

The Graduate fellow in the Stevens Service Learning Center works with the staff on all aspects of the service learning program. The student will experience life in an office with much student traffic and will interact with students, faculty, administrators and community partners. The fellow will be responsible for placing service learning students into placement sites, helping to develop relationships with community partners and faculty instructors, and evaluating service learning students at the end of each semester. This position offers a variety of opportunities for a graduate student who is interested in academic/student life/community partnerships and other forms of civic & community engagement activities. These opportunities will be tailored to the needs of the student’s program.

Position Responsibilities

Help to coordinate the service learning placements for specific courses:

  • Place students in their site
  • Implement an orientation program for service learning students
  • Develop relationships with community site coordinators
  • Monitor student progress at their service locations
  • Assist as needed with the Austin Scholars Program and/or Lawrence Math & Science Partnership
  • Engage students with reflection and assessment
  • Meet with students on a 1-1 basis as needed
  • Create and facilitate reflection workshops that align with students’ coursework and service experiences
  • Create and advise a service learning student executive board

Engage community partners in the service learning program at Merrimack College:

  • Communicate regularly with partners
  • Create a partnership handbook
  • Organize an end of year recognition event for community partners and students
  • Assist in evaluation and assessment of partnerships
  • Create new partnerships (if interested)

General Office Duties:

  • Assist in other office projects (for example – McKniff Ceremony, Mack Gives Back, Open House, Admitted Student Days)
  • Participate in end of semester assessments and reporting
  • Day-to-day office maintenance (including updating web page and other social media)
  • Update and coordinate transportation schedules as needed

Intercultural Initiatives Program Assistant (Presidential)

Position Description

The office of Intercultural Initiatives (II) is seeking a Graduate Fellow to provide support, leadership and guidance regarding the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus. Working in the Office of Intercultural Initiatives and reporting to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Unity House, the Intercultural Fellow will provide both administrative and programmatic support for multiple DEI student-focused initiatives using a variety of program management, project management, communication, data management, and organizational skills.

The Unity house provides programming and peer support services to traditionally under-represented populations at Merrimack College which is focused on the further advancement of a school-wide culture that welcomes and celebrates all students. We are looking for a vibrant advocate for social justice who also wants to participate in the continued development of this division at Merrimack College. This position requires a state date one week prior to the official start date of the program.

Position Responsibilities

  • Participate in events held or sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Initiatives or Unity House
  • Perform general office managerial tasks, support the front area, respond to inquiries from members of the college community, and management and upkeep of Unity House facilities
  • Co-advise the Unity House Student Council through provision of support and guidance for events, leadership development, supervision, training schedules of student workers, and assisting with oversight of weekly meetings, and other initiatives
  • Work closely with the SGA Diversity Committee through providing support and guidance, attend weekly meetings and other initiatives
  • Support the needs of our SGA-recognized affinity student organizations including budget maintenance, space booking and programming
  • Act as liaison between MI, Unity House, and affinity student groups and offices on campus
  • Assist with the use of Student Engagement Software (CampusLabs), creating and managing diversity related events of MI, Unity House and affinity student groups
  • Collaborate with the other offices including but not limited to; Office of Student Involvement, Residence Life, International Student Support, Wellness Education, and Community Standards
  • Coordinate and support programming efforts across campus and assess efforts
  • Design advertising, marketing, and communication for MI and Unity House programming and projects, including maintaining brand standard by updating and maintaining the Unity House Social Media and Canva accounts
  • Develop, implement and maintain programming, training, and education for students and campus partners
  • Provide database management and record keeping support
  • Oversee the International Student Mentorship program
  • Advise a caseload of students, especially those on academic probation, or students with cultural adjustment concerns
  • Participate in all aspects of International Students Orientation (Fall and Spring), including benchmarking, planning, session design, execution, and assessment
  • Assist with preparing reports on international student data
  • Assist the International Student Support Staff with academic success initiatives

Accessibility Services Graduate Fellow (Presidential)

Position Description

The Accessibility Services Graduate Fellow will work closely with Accessibility Services staff, the Academic Success Center staff, and the college community. Over the course of a year-long experience, the Accessibility Services Graduate Fellow will gain an understanding of college disability services and be involved in the process of accommodations from the initial stage of “Requesting for Services” through ongoing student support. The Accessibility Services Graduate Fellow will collaborate on projects that are of interest to the Graduate Fellow and that benefit the Office.

Over the year, the Accessibility Services Graduate Fellow will be responsible for learning the process for outreach to students, faculty and staff on behalf of the general office workflow and our Testing Center as well as maintaining a caseload of students as an Academic Success Coach. Throughout the year, the Fellow will gain a basic understanding of the FERPA and ADA laws that govern college-level accommodations and communication with students and families. The Fellow will begin to have a deeper understanding and working knowledge of the ADA and other legislation to interpret how accommodations are translated into the college environment. Should there be any special career interests for the Fellow, there will be opportunities to work with the supervisor on exploring these goals, such as gaining supervisory experience, specialized groups/programs, and/or participation in other accommodation areas/trainings/presentations.

Position Responsibilities

  • Front desk coverage to support with drop-in questions from students and faculty and to assist with the Testing Center
  • Advise/coach students who are registered with the Accessibility Services Office
  • Maintain the Testing Center process including: working with students and faculty, and maintaining tracking
  • Responsible for the office email triage process and email responses
  • Administrative tasks that include updating and maintaining the Accessibility Services student roster and student follow-up/outreach (including student newsletter)
  • Collaborate with the staff on projects that are of interest to the Graduate Fellow, including co-facilitating workshops, developing student groups, or other retention initiatives
  • Collaborate with the staff with formatting alternate texts, training students on the use of assistive technology, and hiring peer notetakers
  • Attend meetings with the team of Accessibility Services staff
  • Participate in Open Houses, Accepted Student Days, and Orientation events
  • Attend New England AHEAD & other disability-related training programs

Office of Wellness Education Graduate Fellow (Presidential)

Position Description

The Office of Wellness Education fosters the overall well-being of the Merrimack College community. We assist students in locating the proper resources to address any health & wellness concerns including substance abuse, mental health & healthy habits. The Fellow for Wellness Education works with the Wellness Education team: the Wellness Educator, other Graduate Fellow, and the Counseling Office to develop, implement & evaluate health promotion programs & activities on these & other health/wellness topics.

Position Responsibilities

  • Coordinate & evaluate Late Night Programs: Regular (1-2 per month) weekend late-night (7pm – 12am) substance-free programming both on & off campus. Facilitation of Late Night Programs is shared with all fellows
  • Independently develop and facilitate one wellness and health promotion campaign/program on a topic chosen in advance with the Wellness Educator
  • Work collaboratively with Wellness Education Team to implement signature initiatives:
    • Wellness Week: The Fall signature initiative of Wellness Education which aims to educate students to prioritize their health and wellbeing in a holistic manner
    • Love Your Body Week: The Spring signature initiative which aims to promote positive body image and raise awareness for eating disorders
    • Fresh Check Day: An uplifting mental health promotion and suicide prevention event of interactive expo booths led by multiple campus departments and groups
  • Collaboratively share educational information and promote programming and office initiatives on social media with the Wellness Education Fellow and work study students
  • Assist in Wellness Education’s presence at Admission events: Open House, Admitted Student Day
  • Maintain a positive, team attitude and complete all duties and tasks as assigned in a timely manner
  • Other tasks related to Wellness Education as assigned by the Wellness Educator

Specific Fellows Focus Areas (examples)

  • CMHC:
    • Assist the Wellness Educator in advising the Wellness Peer Educators including training, attending weekly meetings, recruitment, selection & development of program
    • Assist the Wellness Educator in managing mental health related CARE cases including running 1-on-1 wellness coaching meetings, when needed
    • Develop and/or run two mental health screening days per semester to promote the use of online screenings
  • Health Sciences:
    • Assist the Wellness Educator in, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD), Bystander, and Relationship programming including administering training and workshops, and creating educational content to support division wide initiatives surrounding these topics
    • Assist the Wellness Educator with coordination of cross-campus collaboration efforts and messaging around physical and nutritional health programming, and creating and providing educational materials
  • Higher Education:
    • Assist the Wellness Educator in advising Active Minds including training, attending weekly meetings, recruitment, selection & development of program
    • Assist the Wellness Educator in the campus-wide Wellness Challenge, developing wellness newsletters, and assisting with interdepartmental events to support student overall wellness
  • Strategic Planning & Assessment:
    • Assist in the facilitation of needs assessment, Healthy Minds, including a large-scale survey and targeted focus groups to identify wellness education needs on campus
    • Research best practices in health promotion including peer education & mental health awareness
    • Assist with collection & analyzing of program evaluation data for Wellness Education programs
    • Identify & collaborate with student groups, departments and/or faculty interested in cosponsoring various Wellness Education programs

Social Work Fellowship Process


  1. Click the “Apply Now” button below or go to gps.merrimack.edu/apply to begin or resume your graduate application.
  2. Within your app, select “Yes” for “Are you applying to a fellowship?”
  3. Submit your application. Be sure to complete the required Fellowship essay.
  4. Receive your admission decision. If admitted to the master’s program, you’ll receive further instructions about the fellowship process.
A screenshot from an iPhone displaying the question about fellowship interest on the graduate application.

Important Information for the Social Work Fellowship Program


The Master of Social Work program is still accepting fellowship applications on a rolling basis!

We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible for your best chance at a preferred placement. Applications will be accepted until all fellowship positions have been filled.

The process is as follows:

  1. Submit your online application. Be sure to indicate your fellowship interest within your application.
  2. Submit your initial ranking form. Students who are accepted for admission and invited to interview for a fellowship will be eligible to review and rank their preferred positions. If you are invited, your invitation will include a deadline for submitting your selections. Please note: we do not guarantee that you will be invited to interview for your top selections.
  3. Complete your site interviews. 
  4. Submit your post-interview rankings. After the interviews, both students and sites must complete and submit their post-interview ranking forms, ranking their preferences for final placement.
  5. Receive your match notification. Match letters will be sent to all students and supervisors.


Please note:

  • Participation in the fellowship placement process is NOT a guarantee of a fellowship.
  • As a two year program, the fellowship scholarship is only awarded and applied for the first year of the program. During your first year, you will not be eligible for any other discounts or scholarships. Graduate fellows will be automatically eligible for 50% of their original Deans scholarship in the second year of the program.
  • If you are admitted into the traditional program but not offered a fellowship, you will automatically be considered for a Dean scholarship.
  • If you are originally awarded a scholarship and then are given a fellowship placement, you will no longer receive the merit scholarship. The fellowship will replace any other discounts.

Questions? All interested students should email Callie Friant-Bulens in Graduate Admissions for further information.

Dean and Alumni Scholarships

Dean and Alumni Scholarships are available to students who are not receiving a fellowship. No additional application is needed.

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