Social Work Graduate Fellowships

Earn your Master of Social Work and reduce your tuition with a graduate fellowship.

Save 50 to 100% of your first year of tuition while gaining professional experience through a site placement! The Master of Social Work offers two levels of fellowships:

  • Presidential Fellowship provides 100% of your first year graduate tuition and includes a 9-month, 25 hour per week, unpaid fellowship placement.
  • Provost Fellowship provides 50% of your first year graduate tuition and includes a 9-month, 15 hour per week, unpaid fellowship placement.

Note that, because of the 900 hours of field work integrated into the MSW curriculum, fellowships are not available for the second year of the program. Instead, all MSW graduate fellows will be automatically eligible for scholarship in the second year.

Social Work Fellowship Process

The fellowship selection/appointment process for the Master of Social Work program is as follows:

  1. You may apply for the fellowship by indicating on your admission application that you are interested in a fellowship and submitting your fellowship essay and application for priority consideration. (Late applications may be considered if fellowships remain available.)
  2. You will be notified of your status in the process within five business days of receipt of you application.
  3. If you are eligible, you will receive a list of all available fellowships and you will list your preferences in order of priority. These will be used to assign interviews to students.
  4. You will participate in virtual interviews between mid-February and early March, 2023.
  5. You will be notified if you have received a fellowship offer by March 31, 2023.
  6. You will have until April 15, 2023, to accept or decline the fellowship.

Please note:

  • Participation in the fellowship placement process is NOT a guarantee of a fellowship.
  • Duties and tasks are negotiated between the fellowship’s supervisor and the Director of MSW Field Education.

Questions? All interested students should email Jeanne Zilliox for further information.

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