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Exercise Science Student and Alumni Profiles

Exercise Sciences Student and Alumni Spotlights

Meet a few of our students and alumni in the exercise & rehabilitation sciences program at Merrimack College, and find out how Merrimack has given them the professional skills needed in the field of exercise & rehabilitation sciences.

Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences Student Profiles

Taylor Khoury
Exercise Science, Class of 2024

Merrimack’s class size allows for genuine connections with your professors, which helped me do well in the classroom.”

Exercise Science, Class of 2024

Taking so many major-specific courses has made it easy for me to apply the educational skills in a practical setting.”

Exercise Science & Psychology, Class of 2024

My education at Merrimack was able to lay the groundwork and provide me a basic understanding of psychological theories, as well as fundamental human anatomy and physiology.”

Exercise Science, Accelerated Athletic Training Program
Personal Trainer
Merrimack Campus Fitness & Recreation

Merrimack has given me a great skill set as a clinician to be able to provide the best possible care to my patients and clients.”

Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Profiles

Exercise Science

Earning my bachelor in Exercise Science has given me many experiences and opportunities for future success and career opportunities.”