Ashley Walsh

Ashley Walsh

M.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2018, Merrimack College

A Passion for Justice

Ashley Walsh had always aspired to be a police officer, but after several internships and discussions with Merrimack faculty, she decided she wanted to be a local law enforcement officer.

In addition to participating in multiple internships while at Merrimack, Walsh also developed very close relationships with her professors. She still maintains these close relationships with Merrimack faculty today. “I am still in touch with almost all of my professors. At any point in time I can call them or email them for help and they do not hesitate to be there for their students.”

“Merrimack’s Criminology Department has some of the most dedicated, hardworking and encouraging people, and they really pushed me to achieve my best. The faculty utilize their connections inside and outside the classroom to provide students with the ability to grow and gain experience directly from the field of criminal justice.”

Vast Internship Opportunities

After completing her undergraduate degree at Merrimack, Walsh knew she wanted to stay at the college for her master’s.  She says it was an easy decision for her to make because of the vast amount of internship opportunities at Merrimack.

Walsh Completed Two Internships

She interned at the Salem Police Department where she shadowed detectives, analyzed fingerprints, went on ride alongs, utilized the gun range, and assisted at crime scenes.  

She also interned at the MA State Police Department where she worked side-by-side with Lt. Paul Zipper to create a database for ex-arsonists.  This database was used by local and state law enforcement when an arson case was presented.

“Merrimack has enabled me to do so many things that I honestly do not think I could have done if I went to any other school,” she said. “My well-rounded education at Merrimack College has enabled me to obtain almost any job I desire in my field.”