Master of Science in Athletic Training

Degree Costs

Additional Fees

In addition to the program’s tuition and fees, there are additional costs for students seeking the MSAT.  For your financial planning purposes, we have outlined those estimated costs below.

National Athletic Trainers Association Membership$85.00/year
Criminal Background Check$75-100.00
Transportation to clinical sitesVaries
BOC Examination 1. Application Fee 2. Examination Fee



Parking at clinical sitesVaries


3+2 Program

Students entering as freshmen into the 3+2 Athletic Training program will receive eight semesters of undergraduate financial aid while completing the undergraduate portion of their degree. Institutional scholarships will be renewed for eight semesters. Institutional grants, and federal/state financial aid will be determined each academic year based upon completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the family’s corresponding expected family contribution (EFC) and financial need. While completing 126 credits towards the Bachelor’s Degree, students will be billed at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Following the first eight full-time semesters, the student will convert to graduate tuition. At this time, the student will receive graduate financial aid, consisting of institutional scholarship funding and federal Direct student loans (for FAFSA filers). While completing the remaining 48 credits towards the Master’s Degree, students will be billed at the per credit graduate rate.

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